The Obama Administration Boosts US Drugs Coverage

When Obama was re-elected the amount of drugs that are going to be available to patients in the US to millions of residents who will get insurance on the new nations health care overhaul will go up considerably. This existing new move will start late next year.

There will be an increase in benefits that are available to those that need to have prescriptions. This is a much waited on move by resident all around the US. Many haven’t been able to afford their health costs for a long time now. The law that was implemented was officially announced on Tuesday by the Health and Human services Department. The government set their rules for the minimum requirements to be able to qualify for the health care coverage and stopped the denial of coverage for those that already had health care problems.

Obama’s Drug Coverage

The new rules will be made final, and they will control the whole way that the health insurance marketplace operates. It will start in 2014 and insurance companies in the US that offer health insurance will see significant changes!

When the government has set a minimum for standards of exactly what the insurance offered up for health should cover it is very far from what used to be normal. It is though very much welcomed and a move that should help those on low incomes a lot. The act means that Washington has to put a minimum baseline for the coverage.

The HHS said that they will also include in the new act to inpatient care and outpatient care, maternal care, childhood care, screenings for cancer, laboratory work and prescription drugs. It will also be covering those that suffer with mental health, those that abuse substances, dental treatment, vision care for kids and physical and congenital disorders. These are the things that workers employed with smaller businesses usually cannot get access to because it’s thought to be too expensive by the owners to provide. It does also mean that there will be more drugs like antidepressants released on prescription; this could have both a positive, and a negative effect. Considering that so many people suffer with mental health issues nowadays.

One question that is still there really is why Obama didn’t implement this sooner. Also, in a country like the US why should many not be able to afford decent healthcare? Surely, health care should be something that everyone can access with or without cash. It is everyone’s humanitarian right to be able to seek help when they are sick.

Should we be so thankful to a president who has been in office before and until this moment in time has not managed to implement such changes to the health care system? It is a matter of opinion really, and most of the opinions will also be based on financial status and where your pay cheque lies I guess, as with most things in life. Let’s keep an eye out and see what happens with all the new and exciting healthcare developments.

Claire Al-Aufi

Claire Al-Aufi is a contributing author for Hive Health Media who provides updates on health and fitness news.

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