What Is Skinny Fat?

Most people think that being skinny actually means being healthy. They think that skinny people are immune to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a whole lot more. But on the contrary, “skinny fat” people can have health problems as well. But despite of this, it is surprising how some are willing enough to follow the footsteps of skinny people.

With society’s expectations these days, this kind of mindset usually affects women who are overly conscious with their physical looks. As they see different stick-thin models in the runway and in magazines, they are willing to do all the extreme measures just to be like them. With this kind of pressure around them, they tend to do some crash diet courses that make them lose a huge amount of weight. But as they get their dream body weight, the skin sags and becomes soft all over. Without a doubt, this kind of condition is called “skinny fat”.

What Is “Skinny Fat”?

“Skinny fat” happens to people who just lost a lot of weight yet do not perform any weight exercises. No matter how skinny you may become, you may still see lots of cellulite in your arms, thighs, and waist. This means that muscle and fat are not distributed evenly. This is often obtained when you solely concentrate on dieting alone. Well, you may think that “skinny fat” people are lean and fit. However, you will see a difference since leaner people have toned muscles and lesser fat.

Are There Health Risks Associated with  “Skinny Fat”?

Well, lots of women tend to get depressed as they see size 2 models in the magazines. However, being skinny brings a lot of health risks such as osteoporosis. As your bones and muscles work less, bones tend to break down. This is simply because bones lose osseous materials. With this, the strength of your bone diminishes and you will feel weaker. This is why it is important to still do some exercises that will make your bones stronger. If you want, you can actually join Yoga or Pilates classes as they provide benefits to your bones and core body.

What Are the Solutions?

Good thing though, there are ways on how to solve this problem. One is to focus on resistance, weight training exercises. Since “skinny fat” people often lack muscles in their body, doing this kind of exercise would help them tone their body. And since it is also an overall workout, it makes the bone more flexible and stronger. Another thing is that you have to lessen aerobic exercises. Most people tend to overeat then hit the treadmill right away. This elevates cortisol and increase fat storage in an instant. It is also important to go on a healthy, balanced diet.

Being “skinny fat” should never be a problem at all. In fact, it is something that is quite very easy to fix. Just by having a balanced diet plan and a great exercise plan, you can easily achieve a leaner and fitter body.

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