Three Fairy Tales About Losing Weight

Have you heard how much weight you can lose on diet after diet? Advertising agencies have before and after pictures of people who ate a certain food, or followed a specific diet only to lose pounds of fat, seemingly like magic. There are magic belts to wear that do your exercise for you, even a pill for those who want to lose fat. Well what would you want to lose, muscle?

These are the fairy tales about diet plans to lose weight: the ones where you take a pill, wear a belt, and magically lose that muffin top. Society has placed great importance on being skinny to be beautiful, yet the United States is the fattest country in the world.

Remember that old adage, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. If it were that simple to lose weight, why are we so fat? Simple, we starve our bodies, and then when we have had enough we gorge on the food we have deprived ourselves.

Here are three diet fads that are among the worst:

1. Atkins

This diet plan has been around since the 1970’s and as most know was created by Dr. Atkins. By following this plan your body goes into a state of ketosis. This means everything you eat turns into ketones through a series of metabolic means. Since users lose large amounts of weight, this helps make this plan very popular. Avoid this diet for the simple fact that it has you eating very few carbohydrates. This is your body’s primary source of fuel and is brutally restrictive. Yes, you will lose weight, and you will be fatigued, dizzy, lethargic, and weak, and have bad breath and body odor as an extra.

2. The Low-Fat Diet

For those who vow “fat makes you fat” theory, that is simply not true. It is true that fat does have double the calories (nine vs. four) as protein and carbohydrates, but you gain weight by eating too many calories. Thirty percent fat from healthy sources like nuts, avocado, fish, etc. promotes healthy skin, hair, nails, and the integration of fat-soluble vitamins and is a healthy diet. Fat is not the nemesis.

3. The HCG Diet

This one’s horrible for one simple reason – the amount of calories consumed is ludicrously low and unhealthy. This plan calls for daily injections of the hormone HCG, and combines it with a daily caloric intake of only 500 calories! Just to survive with little activity, a small woman would need approximately 1000 to 1200 calories to sustain health and good body function. Starvation diet!

The problem with this nation is that dieting to lose weight is not a trick or gimmick; instead, it has to be of a way of life. Diet plans to lose weight means eating an appropriate diet that consists of lean meats and proteins, vegetables, whole foods, fruits, grains and healthy fats–along with staying physically active. It is really just common sense.

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