Three Reasons to Choose Bamboo Clothing

Looking for comfortable, affordable clothing that is environmentally friendly and good for you too? If you are, you should check out bamboo clothing. Never heard of it? Well, you will soon. While bamboo clothing is a relatively new phenomenon, it is one that is catching on quickly. Two significant benefits of bamboo clothing are that it is good for the environment and good for you. Oh, and it feels good on your skin too!

Health Benefits

The health benefits of bamboo are great. Bamboo is an excellent moisture wicking material. It absorbs moisture quickly, is breathable, and well ventilated. Bamboo is an excellent all year round fabric. It regulates temperature efficiently helping a person stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Bamboo also has natural UV resistant properties.

Bamboo is good for allergy sufferers It is hypoallergenic, non-irritating to the skin, and contains anti-bacterial agents. It too, is typically not chemically treated. It is so safe even babies can wear it and you will never have to worry about an allergic reaction or rash.

This makes bamboo clothing incredibly gentle on your skin, and therefore suitable for not only all skin types, but for all kinds of weather.

Environmental Benefits

Bamboo clothing is eco-friendly. It is one of the fastest growing plants, growing up to three to four feet per day. It requires little water, low energy, and no chemicals or pesticides. Bamboo regenerates itself and releases more oxygen into the environment than similar plants. It can improve soil quality and is virtually impossible to kill. Bamboo can survive both in flood and drought conditions. It is 100% biodegradable.

Bamboo clothing is also easy care and requires less energy. It can be machine washed in cold water without bleach or fabric softer. You can machine dry your bamboo clothing or if you prefer, hang it to dry. Its colors do not run in the wash, it is wrinkle resistant, and it releases odors easily. If not prewashed or preshrunk, you do have to be careful of shrinking though.


Bamboo clothing is extremely soft with a natural finish and comfortable look. It is a cross among silk, cashmere, and cotton, but much more inexpensive and practical. Bamboo clothing drapes smoothly around the body and seems to suit most any body type. It is extremely versatile in its ability to go from day or night. Overall, bamboo is definitely a feel good type of fabric.

With such wonderful benefits to the environment and to you, along with its incredible softness, it is no wonder that bamboo clothing is quickly gaining in popularity and availability.  It seems to provide the best of all worlds. Bamboo clothing is an excellent alternative to synthetic fabrics, many of which can cause irritation to your skin. For those looking to reduce their dependence on synthetic fabrics (or stop using them altogether) bamboo clothing is the trend to look into. It is soft, safe, and environmentally friendly. What more could you want?


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