Three Ways You Can Work Out While Working at the Office

For many people, one of the hardest things about working out is actually finding time to work out. You may be motivated to lose weight and become healthier, but if you’re working full time and have other life responsibilities, working out sometimes can be put on the back burner.

By the time you get home from a grueling day of work, you’re probably too tired to change clothes, drive to the gym, and work out for an hour. It’s a conundrum, because you still want to work out, but there just isn’t enough time in the day to do it. This can be solved in a very easy way: working out at the office.

Sure, you probably won’t want to run sprints up the stairs in your building, but you can still get a great, healthy workout at the office without sweating for the rest of the day. Check out these ways to incorporate a workout into your daily work routine, so you feel better and live healthier.

take-the-stairsTake the Stairs

By far the easiest way to disguise a workout in your daily office routine is to simply take the stairs whenever you can. Taking the stairs might add an extra five minutes to your expedition, but it will get your blood flowing and your heart pumping. The best doctors agree that you need at least thirty minutes of cardio per day in order to live a healthy lifestyle, and can get a big chunk of that cardio simply by taking the stairs in your office.

Jog On Your Breaks

Most people use their breaks to sit in the break room and eat lunch. Instead of doing this, you should use your breaks to get out of the office and go for a brief jog. Even just a ten or fifteen minute jog a few times a week will do wonders for your health, especially if it’s combined with other types of healthy activity.

Keep some jogging clothes and shoes in your car, and change before your jog so you’re more comfortable and your work clothes don’t get sweaty. Also keep some deodorant and body wipes in your car, just in case you end up jogging too fast or too far!

Lift At Your Desk

You don’t even need to leave your desk to get a healthy workout! Pick up some weights and keep them at your desk, and once an hour do a set of ten or twenty. You’ll really only be devoting a minute or so per hour, but at the end of the day you’ll have had a nice workout.


Leg lifts are another thing you can do at your desk, and you won’t even have to take your eyes off of your work. Simply pick up some ankle weights that strap around your leg, sit at your desk and lift your legs.


When you look back on the three different ideas mentioned above, it becomes quite obvious how easy it is to get a great workout without even going to the gym. While adding all three at once might be a bit overwhelming, slowly adopting all three ideas into your daily routine will help you live a better and more healthy life. It will also help you be more productive at work, since your blood will be flowing and your brain will be focused!

Sara Fletcher

Sara Fletcher is a freelance journalist and mother of two who enjoys writing about healthy living habits. She loves learning new health tips to keep her family healthy and is currently considering concierge medicine as an alternative to her family’s traditional health care plan.

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