Tips for Avoiding or Reducing Morning Sickness?

To be pregnant is a huge blessing.  But… everything comes with a price.  While some people go through pregnancy always smiling and glowing and perfectly content, that’s not how it is for most women.  The main complaint when it comes to pregnancy is concerning morning sickness.  Morning – or all day – sickness is just NOT COOL.  It is completely uncomfortable and no one wants to go through it.


5 Tips to Stop Morning Sickness

Some women risk their jobs, their educations, their relationships, or their ability to care for current children while they suffer through it.  Rest assured that morning sickness doesn’t have to last forever.  There are many different things that women can attempt in order to conquer it.  And while they may be cursed with not being able to completely eradicate the nausea they can at least put a dent in it with these common morning sickness cures.

One of the first things that any pregnant woman should take care of is her protein intake.  Many times nausea can be kept at bay or really minimized simply by women making sure they eat enough small meals throughout the day and night.  Each woman has different foods that can calm down their nausea so there isn’t really any advice that can specifically be given in regards to that, but making sure that the protein intake is taken care of in extremely important.  A pregnant woman needs about 70 grams of protein, almost twice what a non-pregnant woman should eat on a DAILY basis (45 grams for non-pregnant women).

Other options for nausea are peppermint tea or ginger tea.  Really anything with peppermint or ginger can be helpful to nausea.  Essential oils can be great.  Smelling or eating these different items can be incredibly helpful to nausea.  Some maternity and baby stores even sell pregnancy lollipops that are supposed to help with nausea.

Motion sickness bands are great for nausea.  They apply pressure to specific pressure points on the wrist that help to eliminate nausea easily.  It’s as simple as wearing a bracelet.  You can still function while wearing it because you don’t need to be using your other hand to be holding down the pressure points.

Making sure you get enough sleep is also incredibly important for pregnant women.  If you are getting enough rest and giving yourself enough time to get ready for the day then that will help your nausea levels to stay down.  Rushing through a simple task like brushing your teeth is sure to induce vomiting, so be calm and slow.  Just take your time.

If your morning sickness is extreme you will need to bring it up with your obstetrician, because you may need medication (such as Diclectin) to help keep it in check.  Some women have a condition that causes extreme nausea during pregnancy and if it is not treated it can lead to dehydration and malnutrition which you would then have to be hospitalized for.  This extreme form of nausea is rare, but it is real.

Most likely pregnant women will experience a more mild form of nausea.  Don’t underestimate the courage that might be required to fight though it to try some of these techniques though.  Nausea is nausea, but you can make it through and avoid a lot of it.  Some women even find benefits from eating small frequent meals or other simple measures.

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