Tips for Choosing an Alzheimer’s Care Home for Your Loved One

Sometimes, a good Alzheimer’s care home might be the best option for a loved one who is developing Alzheimer’s. It may seem like a less compassionate option but when the person requires constant medical attention and assistance, you must be open to it.

On your part, you can ensure that the care home is well-equipped and treats the patients with dignity and respect. Choose a care home that is closer to you so you can pay visits regularly. A care home must provide an ambiance that improves the condition of individuals. Therefore, making the right choice is critical.


Understanding the Two Types of Care Homes

There are two types of care homes available – nursing homes and residential homes. The type of Alzheimer’s care home that you choose depends upon the condition of the person and stage of the disease.

A residential home provides personal care assistance that includes washing and dressing along with food preparation. The caretakers are specially trained to care for people with Alzheimer’s. In most cases, they are not qualified to provide medical assistance.

A nursing home provides personal care assistance along with medical expertise. Additionally, these homes employ a qualified nurse who is on duty 24X7.

Who are the Managers?

The care homes you opt for may be managed by individuals or the government. In case of a private home, you must ensure that they are licensed to provide the assistance you are looking for. Every state in America has special authorities who issue license based on numerous eligibility criteria.

The Facilities

Before you finalize on a care home, it’s a good idea to pay a visit to study the ambiance, the hygiene and also the manner in which care takers deal with patients. The primary areas of concern in a care home are the rooms, the bathrooms, the food and the ease of access to medical facilities.

When you visit the place, watching patients who are already admitted will give you a fair idea about the quality maintained.

The most important aspect to check for is that the staff is respectful towards the patients. They must be treated like individuals first before actually focusing on their condition.

Moving into a care home can be very stressful for an individual with Alzheimer’s. When you make this decision, make sure that your loved one sees it as a positive step rather than an effort to ‘get rid of’ him or her. For more great information regarding Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Facilities, visit ActivCare Living.

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