Tips For Increased Energy

Every day I meet individuals who struggle with a lack of energy.  There are various reasons for decreased energy and fatigue.  Often it is a result of stress, poor sleep habits, overextending yourself, and disease.  Although it might be difficult to eliminate stress entirely or rid your schedule of its daily tasks, there are simple ways to boost your energy level.  Try them today.


Take A Walk

First, one of the simplest things you can do is to walk.  I suggest walking for 30 minutes 3 times a week.  Also, whenever you feel tired, try walking around the block.  This simple physical activity will actually help to improve your vivacity.  In fact, it might prove to be the most effective afternoon break you take at work.  A short walk in the morning also helps many moms to recharge and accomplish the remaining daily tasks without fatigue.

Consume More Magnesium

Another way to improve your energy is to consume more magnesium in your daily diet.  It is easier than you might think to do this.  I recommend snacking on almonds regularly.  Also, eating more fish and whole grains can also boost the amount of magnesium in your diet.  When you have sufficient magnesium, it is easier for your body to break down glucose into energy.

Stop Skipping Meals

Also, when it comes to dieting, make sure that you are not skipping meals – especially breakfast.  Too often, I meet with many people who do not make the time for meals.  Some people also worry that food will add weight to their figure.  This is not the case when you eat the right foods regularly.  In fact, good nutrition will not only speed up your body’s metabolism, but it will also provide you with proper vitamins and nutrients to fight off fatigue.

Take Power Naps

In the event you are tired, try taking a power nap instead of a lengthy multiple hours one.  Long naps are not helpful in restoring energy.  Instead, they can decrease energy levels and make it more difficult for you to function the rest of the day.  A shorter nap, on the other hand is a helpful way to recharge.  In general, aim to keep these naps around 30 minutes.

Decrease Your Stress

Like I mentioned earlier, stress is a leading cause for fatigue. Although it is impossible to get rid of all stress, there is some stress that can be managed and prevented.  For example, if you are stressed due to anger, work to manage your rage.  If you suffer from anxiety that adds to your stress, make efforts to improve your emotional health.  These efforts will help you to better cope with the stress you do have, and enjoy more energy as a result.

Drink Water

Drinking more water is also a great way to improve your energy levels.  Many fail to realize this.  Instead, they rely on caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea, and soda.  These beverages provide short-term help, but will not reduce fatigue in the long run.  Also, consuming too many alcoholic beverages can also make you more lethargic.  All of these beverages also lead to dehydration of the body.  Instead, you would be better served to increase your water intake.  In doing so, you will improve your energy and your health.

Consume Less Sugar

Furthermore, your energy levels will improve if you make an effort to consume less sugar.  I meet many people who do not realize the negative impacts of sugar.  It is helpful to provide you with an initial boost of energy; however, it can leave you extremely tired in the long run.  This is because sugar causes your blood sugar to drop after a few hours of consumption.  Therefore, too much of it can make you exhausted.  Instead, aim to eat more whole grains.  This food will provide you with steady and consistent fuel to help your body fight off feelings of tiredness.

Eat Power Snacks

Finally, when you need a snack, choose the right foods.  Certain snacks are considered power foods and they are great to eat in between meals to improve your energy levels.  In particular, I recommend snacking on protein and fiber.  Try eating nuts the next time you are tired.  Also, peanut butter on some whole-wheat crackers can be a great power snack.

When you make an effort to try these simple tips, you will enjoy added energy and better health.  I have worked with many people who have benefited from small lifestyle changes and an improved diet.  You can too.  There is no reason not to have the energy you need for daily life.

Lauren Hill

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