Tips For Moderating Your Sun Exposure This Summer

If you are looking for tips on how to moderate your sun exposure this summer, then you are not alone. Each year, millions of people search for information on how to limit sun exposure. There are many different ways to limit your sun exposure during the summer. To start, you should limit the times you head outdoors to the afternoon, wear adequate sun block, wear the appropriate clothing and avoid tanning if can. In addition to limiting your exposure when the sun is out, you also want to take precautions when it is cloudy and overcast outdoors as well.

Wear Sun block and Sunscreen Each Day
Even if you are only heading outdoors for a little while, you should always wear sun block each time you head outdoors. Although wearing sunscreen and sun block is at the top of the list of ways to moderate your sun exposure, sunscreen can only provide a limited amount of protection. The absolute best way to protect yourself and limit your exposure is by choosing the best times to go outdoors during the summer months.

Head Outdoors For Fun During The Afternoon
When planning a picnic day or a day at the beach or pool, you should plan on heading outdoors as late in the afternoon as possible when the sun is not as strong. The sun is at its strongest during the morning and around noontime, so if your goal is to limit your sun exposure then you should plan to head out in the sun towards the late afternoon. Even though sun rays are not as strong as they are in the early morning and at noontime, you should always make sure that you wear sunscreen and sun block even if you only plan to be out in the sun for a short time.

Wear The Appropriate Clothing to Limit Your Exposure
In addition to wearing sunscreen, sun block and choosing the best hours to go out, you should also make sure you limit how much skin you expose when outside in the sun. Although wearing bathing suits, short pants and halter-tops are unavoidable during the summer, to moderate your exposure to the sun you should plan to wear more clothing and covering up your skin when lounging around.

Avoiding Laying Out in The Sun or Limit The Number of Hours You Spend Tanning
Even though everyone knows how dangerous the sun can be, people around the world lay out to tan each summer. “If you want to limit your sun exposure this year, then you should really avoid laying out in the sun. However, even though people know how dangerous the summer is many people still lay out in the sun. To limit your exposure, you should plan to limit the total number of hours you lay out in the sun during the summer. In addition, when tanning you should cover up parts of your body that are more prone to sun damage and avoid laying out when the sun is at the strongest,” says Ron Thompson a contributor for Del-Immune natural immune support products. This will definitely help you limit your sun exposure and may even help you prevent skin cancer.

Take The Same Precautions Even When it is Overcast and Cloudy
Many people mistakenly believe that if it is cloudy outdoors they do not have to worry. Overcast and cloudy conditions give people this false sense of security that it is okay to head outdoors without sunscreen and sun block. This could not be further from the truth. Even though you cannot see the sun and it is overcast, you should always wear sun block and sunscreen during the summer months whether the sun is out or not.

If you want to limit your exposure to the sun this summer, then you should always make plans to wear sunscreen, sun block, head out in the afternoon, wear more clothing and avoid laying out in the sun. These precautions should be taken whether or not the sun is out. By following these tips each day, you will be on your way to limiting your sun exposure this summer.


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