7 Tips for Getting a Summer Six Pack

Most of us would be forgiven for assuming that summer is a distant dream, the trees are still bare and the chilly air still manages to permeate the many layers of clothing on the journey to work. As we settle down after a hard day, plonking ourselves sin front of the TV with a gloopy plate of amorphous comfort food, we find comfort in the fact that day tips to the beach seem eons away and use that as justification to miss the gym for the third time that week, after all, there’s plenty of time to carve out that six-pack for summer right? Wrong buster!

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Have you realised it’s late March!? Don’t you know in a matter of mere months your friends will be inviting you to the beach? Perhaps you do, but you’re just trying to delay the inevitable. Well let me tell you now, if you want to get anywhere near that rippling wash board stomach by then – or at least not have a gelatinous mass engulfing your mid section, then read on.
Getting a Six Pack Isn’t Rocket Science

Despite all the conflicting views out there, there is no ‘magic formula’ of diet and exercise that will get you ripped, it is simply a matter of eating mostly clean, consistently and constantly, coupled with an intense but not necessarily time-consuming workout program.

1. Sit Ups are Not the Answer

Sit ups, at least in isolation, won’t give you the look you want. You might build some abdominal muscle, but if it’s covered by layers of blubber, no one’s going to be impressed.

2. You NEED Low Body-fat

Following on from my last sentiment, low body fat levels should be your primary goal if you want a six-pack, I always advocate a fat loss program follow by a muscle building or ‘toning’ phase as many like to call it.

3. There is No Such Thing as ‘Toning’

That’s right. You cannot ‘tone’, when people say I want to be ‘toned’, what they generally mean is they want to have visible muscle definition, this is again the result of a strict diet and exercise regime.

4. Metabolism is Key

The amount of calories you’ve ‘burned’ on the treadmill readout is. Meaningless however hard you work you’ll always be chasing a moving target, besides in the quest for a six pack, it’s not about losing a tonne of weight, it’s about looking good. A quick metabolism achieved through regular resistance training and cardiovascular work is far more useful in turn you body into a 24/7 fat burning furnace

5. Everything ‘Works’

A lot of people ask me if the latest gizmo like ‘Six Second Abs’ works, the truth is, everything works, but you must do everything. A combination of exercises means you are attacking your abs from different angles giving them the best possible chance top develop.

6. Forget Supplements???

If you’re a competition level bodybuilder supplements such as fat burners may give you the 0.5% edge you need over your competition, but you’re not. Disregard the minutiae and focus consistency in your exercise and diet regime.

7. Six Packs Aren’t Made Overnight

You need to give yourself ample time to forge that stomach muscle. If you want to be parading around proudly on the beach in August, you need to start right NOW!


Joe is a fitness blogger working for a car contract hire and leasing firm


3 thoughts on “7 Tips for Getting a Summer Six Pack

  • June 14, 2011 at 11:22 am

    I agree with the low bodyfat percentage comment. We all have six-packs, but they won’t become visible until the bodyfat percentage is down!

    A combination of low bodyfat and well built abs (from exercises such as crunches – not sit-ups, I agree) should put people in good shape!

  • March 28, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    HIIT, Compound Weights, HIIT, Compound Weights, HIIT, HIIT, Compound Weights

  • March 28, 2011 at 2:11 am

    The key to doing this is setting up a correct diet that has you at a slight calorie deficit, while stimulating your metabolism so it goes much faster. This really isn’t that difficult. You just need to start eating small meals, more often. Metabolism is directly tied to your digestive system, so if you’re in a constant state of digestion, your metabolism will be fast. This way, the calorie deficit will really aim to eliminate the fat on your body, making it much more efficient.


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