Tips to Burning Fat for Asthmatics

Living with asthma is hard, especially if you enjoy being active or want to get in better shape. Long durations of cardiovascular exercise can put asthmatics at a greater risk of an attack. When longer periods of cardio are not a safe option it is important to pay close attention to the other aspects of burning fat such as diet, hydration, rest, and muscle-building. Here are five keys to getting in shape and burning fat if you suffer from asthma.


1.      Supervised Sports

It is best that asthmatics exercise while doing competitive sports that are supervised and allow for timeouts so that if he/she is short of breath they can go off to the side and use their inhaler or get proper treatment in the case of an attack. Sports like basketball or soccer are actually very good for those with asthma because they have longer durations of play than most sports but they also have frequent timeouts and little risk of getting hurt during an attack like in a collision sport like football. These two sports allow someone to burn the most fat while being able to monitor their asthma and be safe.

2.      Diet

When your options for exercise are more limited your diet becomes all the more important. The best foods for burning fat are the most natural with no additives. Eat a variety of oxidative fruits such as berries along with a good mix of vegetables. Try and get three cups of fruits and vegetables a day. Eat lots of healthy fats and natural protein. Seafood such as salmon and crab are excellent sources of unsaturated, healthy fats and large amounts of protein. Fiber is a good friend of those trying to lose weight quickly as it filters out the waste in your system and makes it easier on your stomach to digest food.

3.      Hydration

Did you know that the process of just maintaining muscles on your body burns calories? Our muscles burn calories just to stay strong and since they are composed of at least 75% water it is important to stay hydrated to keep them burning extra calories. Hydration also keeps your base metabolism going by allowing your organs to function properly. This is important for asthmatics because it ensures proper function of your lungs and can help reduce your chances of an attack. Furthermore, drinking lots of water can help curve your appetite and keep you from snacking in your downtime. Think of your body as a car, water as the oil, and food as the gas. You can fill your car with as much gas as you want but it won’t function as well without an adequate oil supply.

4.      Rest

Your body repairs itself and gives you the results you’re looking for while resting, not while exercising. It is important to rest your muscles and get the proper amount of sleep in order to let the body adjust to your regimen. Many people do not know this but you actually burn calories while you are sleeping. The average person burns around 40-45 calories per hour of sleep. For asthmatics this is very important because if you monitor your diet properly in accordance with your base metabolic rate (  you can actually burn fat and lose weight while you sleep.

5.      Muscle Building

As mentioned in “hydration” your body burns calories just to maintain muscle. Weight lifting offers very little risk of an attack for asthmatics and can help build extra muscle to burn calories when you are not exercising. Concentrate on lifts that target larger muscle groups such as deadlifts, squats, and bench press. These muscles hit a variety of different areas and allow you to build more muscle mass in total than exercise that focus on just one group. The more muscle you carry, the more calories your body burns to maintain them provided you are adequately hydrated.

Trying to get in shape with asthma can be very depressing for a lot of people since they can’t simply go for an hour long run without risk. These tips can help really those who can’t do traditional cardio but because long durations of exercise carry health risks. While these keys are effective, they do not transform you overnight and must be consistently put into practice. The universal key to burning fat for everyone is patience.

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