Top 10 Foods for Athlete Nutrition

Do you have the diet of an elite athlete?  Is it even giving you enough calories when you need them?

An athlete’s diet is much different from a regular person’s diet, the nutritional value is much greater, after all the hard work a sportsman puts in, it has to be compensated with the right kind of diet.

When it comes to building stronger muscles that will eventually determine the performance in sports, most people do the mistake of thinking muscle in terms of protein. However, surprisingly enough, it is the carbohydrate that your body needs and much of it is going to come from the plant-based foods.

Top 10 Foods for Athletic Competition

1) Brown Rice – when it comes to carbohydrates, rice should be on the top of the list. It is full of carbohydrate content. If you are exercising for long hours, or the sports you are interested in requires long-term energy, then foods such as rice is your best option that will give you long-term supply of carbohydrates.

2) Potatoes – Potatoes are great for carbohydrates as well and the best part is that it can be consumed in many forms, for example snacks. Mentioning foods are easy, but when it comes to consumption, one has to value the foods on the basis of the ease of consumption, and potatoes is just the right thing, when it comes to ease of consumptions.

3) Corn – Easy to digest, release a lot of carbohydrate when digested and have some fiber as well. So, over all, corn can be a good snack for the fitness conscious.

4) Beans – You can say that beans is a way to get protein for the poor guy, and yes, it is true, however there are so many other health benefits of beans that one just can’t ignore it.

5) Milk – Perhaps the only thing on the list, which is not exactly vegetarian. However, milk has too many health benefits and a low in fat content milk has both carbohydrate for energy and protein for repair after the exercise routine.

6) Fruits – Fresh fruits are the best source for carbohydrates. Fruits such as apples are great for roughage as well. These are pure foods, that is, absolutely natural and thus have many other health benefits with no side-effects.

7) Whole Wheat Bread – More sources for carbohydrates and breads made of whole grains are just too good for the health.

8) Peanut butter – Peanut butter is something that is both rich in protein and fiber. It keeps your stomach full and your eating desires under control. Yes, it is rich in calories, but hey – you are not on a weight loss diet, right? As sportsmen, you should eat calorie rich foods that are healthy, and rather than taking junk snacks, peanut butter is much more of a healthy choice.

9) Yogurt – Another food that has countless health benefits, but the reason why it is making this list is because it is rich in calcium.

10) Water – Always underrated, but water is really important. Your body needs to be properly hydrated and water is the best when it comes to hydration, much better than those soft drinks. Make sure to drink sufficient amount of water so that your body maintains proper body fluid.

Think of these foods as an extra addition to your regular menu. A balanced diet is important for every human activity, not just sports, and hence you should look to eat all the good foods available.

As an athlete, you never drop your guard or your soccer braces; similarly, you should never get away with poor diet. However, do make sure to consult your local doctor or registered dietician before following these tips.

Uttoran Sen

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3 thoughts on “Top 10 Foods for Athlete Nutrition

  • June 6, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    I agree with Health Habits. A lot of the foods on this list cause inflammation. Athletes, get your energy from cleaner fuel sources like sweet potatoes, yams, and squash.
    Eliminate sources like milk, rice, beans, and bread. These foods contribute to inflammation (something that athletes already deal) and are low in nutrients.

  • June 6, 2012 at 7:30 am

    This athlete has to disagree with this list – eliminating everything (except for #s 6 & 10) on this list has made a big improvement in my general health, body composition and athletic performance


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