Top 10 Most Common Signs of Drug Addiction

When someone is suffering from an addiction to any substance, it can be hard for them to even realize that they have a problem, let alone start on the path to recovery. For this reason, it will often take help from a close friend or family member to get the addict to realize that they need to change, and start making the steps towards becoming healthy. If you are concerned about someone you love however, you must first decipher the true extent of their addiction. Here are some common warning signs that will indicate that a person is addicted to drugs.


1. Mood Swings

Because of the way that most drugs work, the addict may be suffering from constant mood swings. When they are on a trip, they may experience extreme highs and seem out of control, but at other times, they may be hit by extreme lows and depression.

2. Altered Personality

Drug abuse can also have a negative on a person’s personality. If you notice that your friend or relative has a significantly altered personality, it may be as a result of drug use. Often this can be an indication of another, psychological problem, so it might be worth considering dual diagnosis drug rehab.

3. Change in Sleeping Habits

Drugs can affect sleeping habits in a number of ways. Some stimulants can cause insomnia, but any kind of dramatic change in sleeping habits can indicate a bad drug habit. Perhaps they are sleeping in the day, or generally tired all the time-look out for any of these warning signs.

4. Dishonesty

Whether it is because of denial, embarrassment, or to cover up their whereabouts, one of the most common behavioral changes for addicts is that they will lie to people who confront them.

5. Stealing

Drug use is an expensive habit to feed, and often a drug addict will resort to stealing in order to pay for their addiction. If they are constantly asking to borrow money, or you notice money missing from your wallet, these could be signs that your friend or relative is suffering from a drug addiction.

6. Severe Weight Gain or Loss

Again, depending on which drug or drugs they are addicted to, they may experience dramatic weight gain or loss.

7. Withdrawn

You may start to realize that you don’t see much of your friend at all these days. That could be because they are avoiding social situations, or perhaps skipping out as a result of their habit.

8. Altered Physical Appearance

Every kind of drug has an effect on a person’s physical appearance when misused. Common side effects include sweating, acne, sunken eyes, and a pale complexion.

9. Slacking at Work

A drug addiction can seriously hinder your ability to complete simple everyday tasks. As a result, addicts often suffer a serious decline in their professional performance. They may even stop showing up for work, or get fired by their employer.

10. Different Friends

A different social group can be another big indication. Addicts tend to hang out with other addicts, and they may even have tried drugs in the first place so that they could fit in with a new group of friends.

Hyrum Taffer

Hyrum Taffer is a freelance writer for with extensive experience in drug addiction and recovery. Through much personal experience and perpetual lifelong research, Hyrum hopes others can benefit from his writing.

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