Top 10 Tips to Build a Strong Immune System

Falling sick sometimes is part of our life, but when falling sick becomes part of our weekly schedule then it is time to re-think our lifestyle.

Life is busy for all of us and in this hectic life we often forget what is healthy and make wrong choices that lead to a number of health problems. Some of these are caused due to lack of sleep, some others due to lack of exercise and yet some more due to lack of nutrition. Most of these malpractices weakens our immune system and makes us more vulnerable towards diseases.

In this article we will cover some of the things that we can do to make a strong immune system.


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1) Drinking water – Ever went out of your home and felt thirsty? What do you do then – drink cold drinks?

Most people do and it has some quick benefits too, like the thirst goes away, the gas inside it makes you feel good – takes away your own gas stored in your stomach. Gives you quick energy as it contains sugar. Sounds good? However, there are many ill effects of it too which includes lasting damage on your immune system.

Forget soda; keep a bottle of clean drinking water with you when you are out of your home for hours.

2) Exercise – Don’t get busy lifestyle steal your precious body care time. Set aside a few hours every day for regular exercise – like aerobics, some jogging and morning walks, perhaps a bit of weight training as well.

Exercise is important for building a strong immune system. If your body is healthy and strong, your immune system will improve as well.

3) Sleep – Your immune system cannot heal without sleep. Unless you give you body a full night of beauty sleep, the tired and broken down cells of your immune system cannot rebuild.

Don’t work during the night, if possible – try sleeping early. The more hours you get to sleep, the better your body will heal.

4) Medicine – There are some prescription and over the counter medicines that have immune suppression effects. In such cases, make sure to monitor your infections carefully as your immune system might be slow in treating the infections.

5) Quit smoking – Smoking affects our immune system which includes passive smoking as well. You should not only quit smoking but also try to quit the company of smokers. If you have smokers in your close circle – that is your friends or family members, then try to work on removing their smoking habit.

6) Sun exposure – We live in a world full of toxins and radiations. The sun light is no long pure as the ozone above is broken down due to pollution. Our immune system gets affected from such exposure which mostly includes harmful radiations.

7) Healthy lifestyle – Maintaining a good hygiene is very important for a healthy body. Brush twice a day, bath everyday with a good soap, change undergarments every single day and make sure to wear clean and washed clothes. Good hygiene is the key to a healthy immune system.

8) Weight loss – Being obese or over weight can lower the effectiveness of our immune system. Keep your weight in check, use diet and exercise to stay in proper shape and fit.

9) Alcohol – Social drinking is often taken for granted as part of our life. However, just because people around you do it does not mean it is a good habit. Try keeping yourself away from alcohol completely and see how your immune system catches up.

10) Tension – Stress and tension are part of our everyday lifestyle. Work load, poor diet and tension about tomorrow keep our blood pressure high. All of it has a negative impact on our immune system. Try yoga and meditation for keeping a healthy and peaceful mind.

Building a healthy immune system takes time and effort. With some of these healthy habits, and perhaps a bit of lifestyle changes, one can rebuild their immune system. Even when you become sick there are resources like Abgent who are researching ways to improve the recovery of all immune systems.

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