Top 10 Tips to Sleep Better

Nothing can be more healthy and peaceful than a good night’s sleep. Our body requires sleep to heal and repair lost or damaged cells and tissues. Various organs of the body including our brain need sleep to work properly. It does not require rocket science to know how important sleeping is for us.

Unfortunately, this very simple thing called sleep has become such a rare commodity that most of us have started to value it like gold.

Here, in this article, we are going to give you some tips on how sleep better and get a full night’s sleep.

1) Be active – Having a lazy day is one of those major reasons why the sleepy feeling escapes you. You travel by car, use lifts, and you have got all sorts of machines to help you with your domestic work. Your lifestyle has become way too dependent on machines which are all good, except the fact that your own body has got very less work to do. You don’t feel tired, you don’t feel sleepy.

2) Sleep early – This is easy to preach, hard to follow. It could be work or any other reason that is keeping you awake very late in the night, but if you really want to solve your sleep issue, keep all other things aside and go to sleep early. Your body organs need to sleep as well, and if you delay your sleep, those organs will stay up way past their bed time.

Think seriously about this, our body has an internal clock, stop screwing it. Go to sleep early. Even if you do not feel sleepy, even if you have to stay awake for hours after you hit the bed, don’t quit. Keep trying and your body and mind will get habituated with this new sleep routine. Just keep at it.


3) Wake up early – This is again hard, especially when you don’t get enough sleep in the night and you feel way too sleepy in the morning. But remember, unless you wake up early, you won’t feel sleepy in the night. This works in a cycle, so remember to wake up early, as early as possible. Try to watch the sunrise if that motivates you.

4) Fix the Noise – Sometimes, it is just out of our hands but still there are some solutions. Is there any particular sound that is bothering you that you can control, perhaps a leaky tap? For more serious noise problems, you can install some noise reduction units or perhaps get something that can lower down the disturbing noise by creating a natural noise that you can live with.

5) Get comfortable – Change your pillows, mattress or anything that is not helpful. One must be at home while sleeping, if your bed or anything that disturbs your peace, it is time you get a new one. Keep your bedroom clean and tidy, if things are scattered all around the room, your mind can not be calm.

6) Exercise – We have already discussed about staying active, however that is just to start with. Eventually, start some morning or evening walks, light aerobics etc. You need to be tired enough to get that strong and healthy sleep.

7) Lavender – Lavender helps in sleeping. Use lavender oil, get some lavender flowers on and around your bed, use lavender scent in your bedroom. Just make sure you are not allergenic to lavender before trying out this tip.

8) Do your Stuff – There is nothing worse than going to sleep and feel really sleepy and find yourself with your bladder getting full. Always remember to go to your bathroom and get it over with no matter how sleepy you feel and then drink a sip of water and go to sleep.

9) Try Honey – Before going to sleep, if you drink a glass of milk and a spoonful of honey you will both feel relaxed and sleep will come naturally to you.

10) Be a Lucid Dreamer – An entire article might be insufficient for this point as lucid dreaming is a huge topic. However, the point is that if nightmares troubles you, try to control it. Know that you are dreaming it and it is not real. Manipulate it to your advantage so that the nightmare becomes a great dream. It is possible; I being a lucid dreamer can surely do this every time I dream.

Getting sleep is simple, if we keep it simple. The less tension and worry we take, the less we think while lying on the bed and waiting for the sleep god for the rescue, the easier it will be to fall asleep. If you think that your lack of sleep, or staying tired during the day is more due to a health disorder like sleep apnea then trying out a sleep apnea test like WakeUpToSleep or getting checked with a doctor and have it sorted out is always recommended.

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