Top 13 Tips to Avoid Diabetes

You know what happens after you get diabetes? The best of your diet gets taken away from you and you are left with low sugar foods that are simply tasteless.

Do you want a life like that, no sugar, no cold drinks, sugar free tea and coffee, low intake of wheat and rice, limited fruits etc? Almost every food on your diet gets a daily quota and it goes on forever. Or till you fix your diabetes.

In this article, we are going to cover some tips that will help you avoid diabetes.

1) Keep your weight in check – Being overweight or obese increases your chances of getting diabetes. Don’t let fat get to you, start working out, keep your diet in check and do whatever it takes to keep yourself from gaining weight.


2) Get active – One of those biggest reasons why diabetes gets to us is that we live a lazy lifestyle. We use all sorts of vehicles for our commune, use machines to do our regular work and in the process, make our own body lazy and inactive. Change this lifestyle, start cycling, make sure to do a bit of morning walk or evening walk, use stairs instead of lifts etc. Stop lying around and just get active.

3) Improve your diet – A balanced diet should contain all sorts of vitamins, minerals, fats, protein, carbs etc. Fruits, vegetables of all colours, whole-grain wheat, rice, pasta etc., fibre rich foods etc. helps in keeping diabetes away.

4) Sleep – Our body gets tired, the internal clock keeps beeping in silent mode – but still, no matter what, we do not listen to it, till it is too late. One must go to bed in time and make sure to sleep for the whole 8+ hours to complete a full night’s peaceful sleep. Getting the regular quota of sleep every night is important to keep diabetes at bay.

5) Avoid cholesterol – This needs no telling that junk food is not good for your health. Stay away from fast food, it does not do any good to your body, and on top of that it gives you cholesterol. Red meat would be another good method to add some really harmful cholesterol to your heart, so stay away from it.

6) Herbs – Indian herbs, like cinnamon is great to keep diabetes away.

7) Drink Coffee – You think drinking coffee is bad for your health? Think again! Drinking 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day has shown to keep diabetes away. This might come to you as a surprise but drinking caffeine does boost our metabolism and has minerals like potassium and magnesium in it which helps the cells to break down sugar and use it.

8) Keep tension away – Tension and stress is major receptors of diabetes. You take tension and diabetes comes along. Try yoga or meditation right at the morning. Get up, get some yoga and start a healthy day. In the long run, it will keep many diseases away.

9) Get some sun light – When we expose our body to direct sunlight, our cells produce vitamin D. this vitamin D helps in secreting insulin, thus boosting the overall insulin content in our body. It helps in keeping blood sugar in check.

10) Stop Smoking – Smoking causes too many health issues for you and the people near you. If you are looking for some motivation to quit smoking, here is one. Stop smoking or get diabetes!

11) Hit the Gym – If possible, get a personal trainer. Do exercises in a combination – like aerobics mixed with resistance training. In general, aerobics is just great for preventing diabetes.

12) Keep your blood pressure in check – Having a high blood pressure can increase your risk of getting diabetes. Keep your blood pressure in check, to do this you can follow the above tips, and along with it, make sure to avoid eating extra salt and spicy fast foods. Most fast food joints re-use the same cooking oil over and over, which is a quick ticket to getting high blood pressure.

13) Get a checkup – You should get regular checkups, meet the doctor when you are healthy to stay healthy, rather than visit him when you are already sick. Regular checkups are important, he knows your medical history better than anyone and can offer valuable suggestions based on that. Also, before applying any of the tips, make sure you discuss it with your local doctor.

Diabetes is a real issue – if it catches you, fortunately with some caution and hard work, it can be prevented. Apart from the above mentioned tips, you should also monitor your blood sugar closely. Keep a sugar monitoring device close to you (more information on devices here), it will let you know if your blood-sugar is all right.

Uttoran Sen

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One thought on “Top 13 Tips to Avoid Diabetes

  • July 4, 2013 at 9:21 am

    This has got to be one of the worst articles I have read. When you write an article to “help” people you should really include some actual facts. Diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease as well as obesity are rampant in this country simply because idiots like you insist on spreading false information. When you get some free time you may want to read a medical study or two and gather some facts before you write another article.

    “Fast food will give you cholesterol”???
    “Smoking causes diabetes”? “Hire a personal trainer”?
    All of the “healthy foods” you listed are wrong as well. Fruits are sugar. Pasta, wheat and rice are all metabolized as sugar and increase your blood sugar. Please explain to me how foods that raise blood sugar prevent diabetes.


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