Top 15 Must Have Songs of All Time for Running on Your Ipod

Music makes every difficult situation or problem seem poetic. Running or exercising for personal training or a great fitness regime could sometimes be imperfect with the right kind of music. This list is a runner’s list of songs chosen from the best songs ever sung in the history of music, appreciated widely but audiences all of the World, will now be appreciated to keep you fit.


  1. I feel Good – James Brown (1965) – The title of the song says it all and is perfect for a motivational listen, while running. It has some enchantment that works as soon as people hear the first 10 seconds. Also, it’s great for light jogging and fitness that will make the runner say, “I feel good, I got you”
  2. Beat It – Michael Jackson (1982) – “Beat It”, with Michael Jackson, get that fitness runners always wanted, not missing this track on the Ipod.
  3. We will Rock You – Queen (1977) – The song sets a great pace with a great ambience for runners, and is a great idea for a listen in Boot Camp Rushcutters Bay while running.
  4. Kashmir – Led Zeppelin (1977)– For an intense run, while increasing the pace at a constant rate, this song has it’s greatness juxtaposed  with Slowing down slightly but still keeping those legs moving. It’s more than 8 minutes long and is perfect for beginners.
  5. Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen (1985) – If you are the one who runs, despite getting exhausted from every day stress but never giving up on your running habits, then this song will keep you going.
  6. Blitzkreig Bop – Ramones (1976) – This song was one of the earliest punk rock songs that had made it big. It will also make it big in your running music playlist with its catchy beats and a constant paced rhythm. “Hey,Ho. Let s, Go.”
  7. Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Priestly (1957)– The king of Rock, perhaps left this song so pumped up that its not just great for cardio-vascular exercises, (I am not kidding), but also a great track to keep you on track, while you lose all those calories in a boot camp in Rushcutters Bay or in Sydney .
  8. Respect – Aretha Franklin (1967) – This works wonders for women, to keep them motivated while running. This song’s rhythm and lyrics make it fun and motivational for all those female runners out there, whether, at the park or in a Sydney boot camp.
  9. Purple Haze – Jimmy Hendrix (1967) – guitarist legend- The song boasts of the amazing guitar playing in rhythm for the perfect jog.  The “purple haze” creates a magical mood for a great run, on a chilly morning.
  10. My Generation – The Who (1965) – This song works for all generations, of runners. Apt for intense runners, who like their music in full volume and don’t give a dime, except want to stay fit.
  11. I Can’t  Get (No)Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones  (1965) – This classic track, perhaps one of the most heard songs of the 60’s can be left on repeat on your Ipod and you would not be able to get enough of both running and rolling stones.
  12. The Stroke – Billy Squier (1981) – This 80’s track, will give stable pace runners good fun with constant background music and with rumbling guitar strokes.
  13. 13.  Rock n Roll Part 2 (The Key Song) – Gary Glitter(1972)- The list could not get any better than music great for both listening and running, or any boot camps in Australia. This one is will go crazy on repeat and give people the rocking fitness.
  14. Everybody Dance Now- Gonna Make you Sweat – C+C Music Factory (1990) – This track is great for dancing, true. However, this is wonderful for runners training as athletes because it fun and fast paced.
  15. Song 2 – Blur (1997) – This Indi-rock track is surprisingly great with runners who don’t like going to retro but still sticking with a little bit for vintage.

This playlist has only a few very best out of the wide range of songs ever sung, making it perfect for a listen while you get intense personal training in Sydney or are at a boot camp in Rushcutters, Australia.


About the author: Dan Clay is a weight loss expert and owner of Dangerously Fit Boot Camp. If you would like to attend a boot camp Cronulla or join a Sydney boot camp program visit check it out.

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