Top 3 Pieces of Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

For the past few years, developing and maintaining a high level of fitness has been one of my main goals. During that time, I have been able to maintain a good standard of exercise and fitness because I have followed a couple of rules.

  1. The first one is discipline. Having the discipline to workout on a regular basis is so important as it keeps you focused.
  2. The second rule I to always have the right tools for the job. In this case, this means having the right fitness equipment at hand that will help me to achieve my exercise and fitness goals. I should also mention that diet is extremely important in contributing to your health and fitness levels.

In this article, I want to talk about my favorite three pieces of fitness equipment. I have used many gyms over the years and I did get a lot of value out of them, but then I started building up my own home gym and exercising from home. I have found this shift to be more convenient for me. Others might find that working out from home is boring. You’ll have to understand what you want and that will be either working out from home or in a gym.

Lets talk about the top 3 pieces of fitness equipment for your home.

Rowing Machines

First up on the list is Rowing machines. I personally find these awesome as they do wonders for developing a fantastic cardiovascular workout. This machines works your entire body as you move. From your legs, arms, shoulders and back, you’ll get a complete cardio workout. You can also intensify your workout on a rowing machine by increasing the resistence levels. The more you increase it, the more you’ll feel a mild strength workout. I normally use this piece of fitness equipment at the begining of my workouts, but you can decide where and when you use it.

Home Strength Workout Gym

Moving foward and next on the list is the home gym. After I go for my cardio training at the beginning, I then move onto my home gym. This is where I work on my strength training. I lift weights using the many different exercise positions that are accompanied by my home gym. I think I get about 70 different exercises from my home gym. I work on my legs, chest, biceps, triceps, back and shoulders. Studies have shown that lifting weights help to strengthen your bone structure, so as you age you will maintain a strong, correct posture.


Our last piece of fitness equipment on the list is the ever common treadmill. Most people that exercise will tell you that they enjoy walking, jogging or running. During the spring/summer season its nice to go outside and walk/run. But depending on where you live,  it can sometimes be too difficult to do outdoor activity due to intense weather. This is where treadmills come in handy.

You can get all the walking/running you need in the comfort of your own home without having the weather determine what you can and can not do. Treadmills also come with some cool features and functions like heart rate monitors, cooling fans and various workout programs. They are a great addition to your home gym.


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