Top 5 iPhone Health Apps to Keep You Living Longer

Health is wealth,  or so goes the saying!  Good health is of utmost importance if you want to continue enjoying the benefits this life offers us. You cannot live a salubrious life if you have bad habits that are contrary to a health living style.  When it comes to living healthily, some people  just don’t know the right approach.

Many of us simply don’t know the right path to follow in order to stay healthy!  For this reason, we can all use a little help or guidance in staying on the path to health.

These days, having access to healthcare still varies depending on which country in which you live.  However, if you have an app on your mobile phones (be it android, iPhone and others), everything will become much easier for you to do either a check on your healthy status or to keep your health on track by following daily guides and tips from it.

Checking your health status, getting the right suggestion for the food you are supposed to be taking in, and checking the level of your weight in order to avoid obesity and other related problems even before having an encounter with the doctor will go a long way in making you live longer than to be waiting for the doctor’s appointment!

In this article, I present to you the top five apps that can help you live a life free of fear of death and any other negative things that can happen due to poor health.

Since most of us have started shifting our attention to the mobile world where access to health information becomes increasingly available, it’s one of the reasons why programmers keep churning out new health apps each day!  However, sifting through the litany of apps available can be a daunting task.

Below are the top five mobile apps that can help you in staying on top form with the focus of preventing rather than treating illness.

Lose It!

Lose It! is one of the best and coolest iPhone apps which is good for nothing except health. Lose it was used by Apple in an ad to show people the potential of the App store. It is a nice and powerful piece of software that can make a very positive impact on how you live your life especially if you are very much concerned about your weight. Lose It, helps track calories that you input into your body. The systems works smartly as you input the data of your food intake while the tool helps you lose weight. In addition, it can show you some of the nutritional benefits of all the foods you are eating and some other things.

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WebMD Mobile

WebMD Mobile is another tool that you can use to protect and keep yourself healthy. WebMD is like a normal doctor.

You can call it Smartphone doctor!  Why?  The reason is the functions of the app, you can diagnose yourself without the help of any doctor, you can get drug prescription and some other things that pertains to healthy living right from your mobile phone screen.

It has vast library of many medical information on everything from common diseases to the severe ones.  Of course, this app is not a substitute for an actual doctor.


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I wondered when some group of people spent hours at a gym without anything to show for it. Why are they doing this? Many people don’t that the best exercise you can get is not at a gym but the personal one you do by yourself.

You can just get up from your sleep, put on a pair of shoes, and start walking or jogging around in your building or somewhere around your home or you can even go farther to other places in your vicinity.

However, the funny thing is that, this app will keep track of all the records of your walking activity. By the end of the day, it will combine all the data and provide you with useful information on the amount of calories you are able to burn and some other things. It is a health pedometer app for your healthy living.

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Having money to hire a personal trainer to teach you exactly how to exercise better can be very expensive.   Nevertheless, with iFitness, you have the perfect coach in your palm showing you how to go about it.

If you want to improve your gym performance, this app is the right choice for you to use. It has many video exercises on its database that you can watch to know how to better train and become better by exercising safely.

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Pocket First Aid & CPR

This app is cool and informative when it comes to  emergency health issues. It can show you how to deal with situations such as choking, lacerations, and bites without the need to visit the doctor for treatment.

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Though, this app is not free like the others except Pocket First Aid & CPR, I can bet you will get more than you paid for it when you download this app to your iPhone device. It’s worth the price placed on it. When checking caloric intake becomes a big task for you, this app will help you by telling you the real facts about a particular product. If you love to drink beer, soft drinks and other hard alcoholic beverages, this app is the top notch app you need to check the total amounts of calories in each item you consume.

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