Top 5 Health Management Apps for Consumers

Today’s health-conscious consumer who wants critical information at his fingertips doesn’t have to be a high-tech guru who designs apps in his sleep. What’s needed is simply a smartphone with easily accessible health management apps. While there are lots of apps from which to choose for folks looking to have health, medical, and wellness information just a tap away, here are five of the best free smartphone health management apps available on the market today.

Instant Heartrate Pro

This application is geared toward people not only who work out on a regular basis in a formal gym setting and for folks who walk, hike, or run outdoors for exercise, but also for individuals who are concerned about the health of their heart due to a family history of heart disease. This heart rate monitor tool is considered one of the most accurate on the market. To use it, one simply has to open it up before or during that evening stroll around the block, that early morning hike through the mountains, or that cardio workout at the gym. Instant Heartrate Pro will then monitor and keep track of the user’s heart rate.

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