Top 5 Health Management Apps for Consumers


Shopping amidst the shelves of sugar-filled treats and enriched breads in search of truly healthy foods just got a whole lot easier with this app. FoodUcate enables the user to scan any product’s barcode. A picture of the scanned item instantly appears in the phone with a letter grade next to it (A, B, C, or D); the higher the letter grade, the more nutritious the product. If a D appears, it’s unhealthy and ought to be put back on the shelf where it was found! It also shows how many calories in the item and fun comments and facts about it like “Look out! Not 100 percent whole grain or less than 1.5 tsp. of sugar. Nice.”

Vern Marker

Vern Marker started a marketing consulting business in 2006 and now enjoys writing for various industries about the impact of technology and the ever-changing digital landscape.

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