Top 5 Things You Need Before Stepping In A Gym

If you have never stepped one foot in the gym before, knowing just what you need is hard to determine. This is because there is so much marketing surrounding the health and fitness industry, telling you that you must buy a range of products. This article intends to help gym beginners from being persuaded into buying a ton of  unnecessary products that they think that they need. Read on to find the top 5 things you need before stepping foot in a gym.

Comfortable Shoes

The type of shoes you wear in the gym are very important, especially if you are intending to do lots of cardiovascular exercise. When doing cardiovascular activities in the gym if your shoes aren’t comfortable you are running the risk of getting blisters all over your feet.  Another reason that comfortable shoes are important are that if your shoes aren’t comfortable you will only be able to spend a short period of time doing cardio, which may hinder your fitness efforts.

A Music Player

Music players are a must for any beginner to the gym. The reason for this is that doing exercise without music can get boring very quickly unless you are with a friend. Music players are also great because if you create a motivational playlist you will be more likely to perform better in the gym, may it be spending a little longer in the gym or putting more effort in. Music players may also be a good shout as sometimes the music that gyms play isn’t to everyone’s taste.

A Notepad

A notepad doesn’t sound like an item that should be taken to a gym. However using a notepad to jot down workout plans and what you do in each workout is a good way of making sure that you stay on track and achieve the goals that you set. If you see that you are making progress it can be extremely motivational.

Protein Powder

Protein powder is essential for all gym users whether their goal is building muscle, losing weight or just keeping fit. This is because all types of exercise tears muscle fibres a little bit, which will then need repairing. Having a protein shake straight after a workout means that you will supply your muscles with the nutrients they need to repair. Protein powders aid the recovery process in turn reducing the risk of overtraining. Shaker bottles also serve as great water bottles, so you can make sure that you keep hydrated throughout your entire workout.

Gym Gloves

If you have never been to a gym before your hands are likely to be soft and will be extremely susceptible to calluses. This applies especially if you are planning on weight training. Wearing gloves will help to protect your hands, they are available at online and in most sports stores.

These are the 5 items that every beginner to a gym needs. As you learn more about training and keeping fit you may need to start thinking about a few other necessities.

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This guest post was written by Endre R., a social media expert, water polo athlete and tech junkie. He is also freelance writer and guest blogger, representing Well Wisdom, a popular dietary supplement provider. 

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