Top 9 Tips to Keep a Healthy Heart

There are a number of ways in which we damage our heart every day. Be it the junk food, or the lazy lifestyle or simply the stressful atmosphere in which we live.

With easy lifestyle and poor food selection the arteries carrying blood for the heart gets chocked and narrowed. This results in less blood transport which ultimately starves the heart of blood resulting in heart attack or stroke. All of it happens due to cholesterol build which can be easily prevented.

In this article we will discuss ten ways in which we can keep a healthy heart.


Quit Smoking – There are a number of health issues that arises with smoking and heart problems are one of those. When we smoke, or get exposed to second-hand smoke, the arteries becomes narrow which slows blood transport resulting in heart attack. Stop smoking and keep it that way, your heart will thank you.

Start Exercise – For a healthy heart, simple warm up exercises like aerobics are the best choice. Always good to pump up your heart rate and keep the blood flow going while you do a small workout session of good intensity.

Increase Physical Activity – Take the stairs if you can, walk to your office if it is close, do house hold work like cleaning etc. The more you work and less you rely on machines the better your heart will be.

Eat Real Fruits and Vegetables – Eat home-grown or organic fruits and vegetables, stay away from the preserved and frozen ones. When choosing your vegetables go for the colors. Eat all kinds of vegetables and check out a farmers market near you and try a new vegetable every time you visit.

Eat Fiber Rich Foods – Fruits such as apples etc. and whole grain foods like flaxseeds, oatmeal etc. are rich in fibre that helps in keeping a healthy heart.

Stop Eating Junk Foods – You saw this one coming? We all know that junk food is no good, especially for our heart, but somehow we just can’t stop ourselves from eating it. There are a number of ways by which we can stop eating junk foods, but the best way to do so is to keep our stomach full with healthy foods in the first place.

Keep stress away – Our lives are stressful, be it work or the general atmosphere in which we live in, late night work and cut downs on sleeping time, overall stress is just part of our life. But this stress is bad for our heart, so try to keep it away and relax. Remind yourself that taking stress and tension does not solve any problem but increase it.

Drink Enough Water – Avoid soft drinks and go for the regular drinking water. There is nothing better than the clean drinking water when it comes to drinking something healthy. Apart from that, coconut water, juicy fruits etc. are also good options.

Reduce Salt Intake – While reduce sounds still good, however it is just to start with. Try to lower salt intake as much as possible (DASH Diet).

Keeping a healthy heart is all about disciplined lifestyle. Be it healthy diet, proper exercise or keeping away from smoking or alcohol, it is all a matter of healthy and smart life choices. Staying healthy is important but keeping precautions is equally important. One such thing to keep with you is automatic external defibrillator, so check out as it has a wide variety of factory-renovated units.

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