Top Causes of Alcohol Addiction

Have you ever wonder why some people get addicted to alcohol while some drinkers managed not to be? Aren’t you curious why most people turn to alcohol whenever they feel stressed? Why does drinking a glass of alcohol makes you drink more? Aren’t you even a bit curious why?

Alcohol Addiction

When the times come that you already feel dependent on alcohol, you could already consider it as an alcohol addiction or considered yourself an alcoholic. And during this period of time, you need to start accepting the truth. Keep in mind that accepting the truth is the first thing that you need to do.

In order for you to have more knowledge about alcohol addiction, the following are only some of the top causes of alcohol addiction:

Study suggests that alcoholism could be passed down through genetics. If your mother or your father is an alcoholic, there is a high chance that when you start having casual drinks, you might end up triggering the alcoholism inside you. However, this is based on a study, which is also still in the process. They can’t confirm it 100% since they still haven’t found enough evidence to back up their finding.

Since alcohol is known to interact with many different neurotransmitters in the brain especially the dopamine system, which is known to be one of the most affected system when it comes to drugs dependency. It is most likely to be one of the top causes of alcoholism simply because the nervous system is involved. Once your nervous system starts to naturally accept alcohol and it makes you feel happy, your mind would immediately think that it’s good for you. And once this happens, it would be hard for you to stop.

Peer pressure
When you try to ask most of the alcoholic people where did they learn to drink, their answers would most likely be through their friends. At first, they could be one of those people who said they don’t like alcohol, that they don’t like the taste of it. But as time passed by, you’ll find yourself loving it. Besides, you can never say no to your friends when they offer you a glass, right? You wouldn’t want to be a killjoy, do you? This could be the starting point of your journey to alcoholism.

Would you believe that alcohol advertising has a very huge impact to people – all age – to encourage them to drink more? While there are different factors why alcoholism has a continuous growth, advertising is just one of these factors. This is because all the advertisements are just making the people aware of what are the different brands of alcohol and what are the new alcohols available in the market.

There are a lot more factors that can influence an individual into becoming an alcoholic and one of them is television. Through television, people have a high chance of watching one of those many advertisements from different alcohol companies. These companies are smart enough to hire famous and hot celebrities to help them with their advertisement.

If you’re someone who’s already experiencing one of these, you might as well start telling yourself to stop. You wouldn’t want to end up staying at a recovery house to get the addiction treatment that you need, right? Act now while you’re still at the early stage of addiction. You wouldn’t want to stop when it’s already too late for you, right?

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