Top Food Trends Of 2013

We all love great tasting food, last year we seen many trends such as the Bison burger’s with their low cholesterol,  veil meatball’s made an appearance. The top food trends for 2013 have already started to make their mark, let’s run through a few of them together.

The Alternative Egg?

food trends for 2013
Salted Duck Eggs

There are many chefs putting away the good old chicken egg and going in favor of the duck egg, they are much larger and much richer in flavor. You can usually find these little beauties sunny side up, sided with patatas Brava . There is an ultimate richness that is involved around the duck egg, I suggest you purchase a dozen and give them a try, you may be suprised! You can find these in farmers markets.

Farm To Table

food trends for 2013
Farm To Table

“Farm to table” means exactly what it says, food sourced right from the farmers fields right to your table! This is the new thing for 2013, a lot more people will be sourcing their food right from the farmers themselves, this is due to food going up and taxes getting higher, along with the chemicals they spray the foods with of course to preserve them. This is something I actually do a lot myself since I can make very fresh foods and I also know exactly what’s going into every single dish!

Gourmet Popcorn, Really?

food trends for 2013
Gourmet Popcorn

Yes, gourmet popcorn! can you Adam and eve it? This little delicacy is a lot more fluffed and flavoursome than the usual popcorn available at the flicks. The gourmet popcorn is also larger than the original due to the corn being able to pop 46 times larger than its own seed. The flavors you may find a little, interesting shall we say! You can pick from a wide variety of flavors such as caramel (of course!), chocolate and even cheese. Though I have not tried it yet, it still is on my list of things to do for 2013.

So is gourmet foods taking over? Why do some things on its “posh” menu sound so disgusting and off-putting? I think as humans we are used to the normal standards, textures and tastes within our food and we are not tuned for attempting anything new. I think I may go on a trial mission and wrap my taste buds around some new dishes, I might do a write-up review of each dish, who knows I may actually like it enough to give it a decent review and sell it to my followers :).


My name is Sophie and I LOVE writjng about health and nutrition, I hope to write an build up a great portfolio here, so please stay tuned for my new publications. I have recently got into marketing and have many restaurant marketing ideas that I may also publish.

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