Top Ten Foods To Avoid

Staying fit can be cumbersome in today’s fast world. Usually sooner or later you are going to find yourself on the go, and straying away from your diet. This may happen more than you’d like, but there’s a few things you can do to take a little precaution before eating what’s in front of you.

First off, it is important to know that you have to eat. Try not to skip meals because you don’t want to put the wrong thing in your system. You should try to keep regular eating habits. That is what keeps your metabolism on pace, and gives you the strength to tackle your day.

The next thing that you are going to want to consider is portion control. If the food you are eating may be a little off with your diet, then make sure this isn’t the biggest meal of your day. Finally you definitely want to avoid these foods as best as possible.

Portion Control for Fast Food


#10 Unnatural Fruit Drinks

While fruit drinks may seem like they have a lot of health benefits, usually fruit drinks come with only around 3% fruit juice. This essentially means you are putting sugar-water, high in carbs, and very unhealthy. Try to avoid fit juices, unless they are 100% juice with limited preservatives.

#9 Pastries

Donuts, cakes, or basically any sugar filled dough-ball is absolutely horrible for you. Maybe once for your birthday, but unless you have the metabolism of a 12-year-old kid, stay away from the sweets.

#8 Ice Cream

Ice cream is sugar milk ultra pasteurized, and super tasty. It’s right up there with pastries. Please don’t grab a cone of ice cream. Even “low-fat” ice cream is bad. Its made from modified soy milk, which increases the glycemic index.

#7 White Bread

White bread is what happens when you strip all of the vitamins and minerals out of your sandwich. You are left with a handful of carbs, and nothing else. Next time with your sandwich have a piece of gourmet bread, you won’t regret the taste or the nutritional value.

#6 Pizza

With pizza, a home-made pizza is always better. Try not to buy commercial pizza. Commercial pizza is basically white bread covered with butter and subpar ingredients. This leaves you with a deep-fried taste and marginal nutritional value.

#5 Soda Pop

Or as I like to call it, acid fruit juice. Soda is possibly the worst drink out there for you. It supplies no nutritional value, leaves you with stained teeth, and has enough caffeine and sugar to give you the jitters. You are better off drinking a cup of coffee.

#4 Hamburgers

Now just to clarify, not every hamburger is extremely unhealthy. However the ones with white bread, extra bacon, a quarter pound of meat, and grilled in a pound of butter are really going to hurt your health. Usually these burgers tend to come from fast food restaurants. You can also find one of these heart attacks waiting to happen at any number of chain restaurants.

#3 Cereal

This does not include any cereal whatsoever. The cereal I am talking about here are the processed breakfast foods made with highly refined sugar. This includes but is not limited to Lucky Charms, Captain Crunch, Cocoa Puffs, and many many more. Start your day off right if you want to have a good one.

#2 Chips

Snack foods, especially chips are really bad to eat. Number one they have no nutritional value, or very little. They are basically just filler snacks that are high in carbs, and will turn to fat unless you exercise it off.

#1 French Fries

French fries, and potatoes in general are the main reason for weight gain. They are designed to fill you up, and give you energy for the day. However french fries are deep-fried, loaded with carbs, and will surely put some weight on you if you chose to do nothing about it.

Choosing the right foods can be a struggle in today’s world. First thing you will want to do is make sure you have a little bit of knowledge. Try to make sure you are always eating regularly and that will keep your metabolism on track.

[box]A healthy diet has many more benefits than you may think. A healthy diet is linked to treating depression, treating acne, and helping your confidence. Be sure to stay away from the foods listed above, even when on the go, and you will see an improvement in the way you feel in just a few days.[/box]

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