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The gym is a great place to get stories for motivational speaking. The members who are serious about training are always revved up and talk about goals, better ways of training, progress made and of course new supplements. You can learn a lot by just listening to the guys around you.

I recently overheard another such conversation where a member said to the gym owner; “Hey, I’ve just heard about a great new supplement. Perhaps you can help me get it, because no-one seems to have it in stock.” Chris, as helpful and interested in new developments as always, said; “Sure, what’s the name? I’ll find out who supplies it and see if I can get you some.” We both smiled as the member replied; “It’s called Motivation.”

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He was right of course, motivation is the single biggest factor determining what results you will get from your training and probably contributes more than any supplement will. Now that is a loaded sentence right there, and excuse me while I play the part of motivational speaker and analyse this a bit. “The results you will get” are determined by how clearly you envision the results you want to achieve.

I am quite often approached by people in gym wanting some training secret, or similar results to me, or training advice. My first question to them is always; “What exactly are you training for?” The answer will determine the rest of the conversation. You see, your approach to training will differ vastly depending on what you want to achieve.

Laurence E. Morehouse wrote two books in the 1970’s that are in themselves a commentary on this, as they are at the two opposite sides of the health and fitness spectrum. The first was a relatively short book entitled “Total Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week”, while the second was a substantial work that had much broader application and also dealt with specifics of programs and dietary plans for specific sports entitled; “Maximum Performance.” I still consider these two books the best overall reading on the subject. The first was aimed at people who simply wanted to be heart fit and basically healthy, the second was for people who wanted to seriously focus their training and compete in various different arenas.

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Motivation (from the Latin “moveo” – meaning to move) is what gets you moving. Knowing exactly what you are training for is the basis for motivation. Being here and reading this article, I suspect you already have a reason for training. It could be a carrot – training for a sporting event, for general health and fitness, to look and feel better about yourself; or a stick – recovery after and/or prevention of a heart attack, to combat obesity, etc. Whichever of these or whatever combination of these, or any other reasons that got you moving in the first place, is your primary motivator. The problem usually lies in keeping the momentum once you have decided to start training.

Daryl Bredenkamp

Daryl is a speaker and life coach with specific emphasis on establishing a Purpose Driven Life. To this end he encourages people to examine their life holistically and find balance by integrating the goals from their different roles into a single purpose. In this way one gains focus without neglecting any aspect of life and can contribute more meaningfully. He also espouses Living Deliberately, or making one’s own decisions instead of allowing life to just happen and accepting whatever approach is “marketed” as the current life game. This entails a strong emphasis on each person's idiosyncratic makeup, or a recognition that life is not a "one size fits all". Many of these thoughts are shared on his blog, Maximum Life, in a short, readable and entertaining format, that will have readers rethink their assumptions about life without boring them with long academic dissertations. The blog was started primarily to share thoughts, get feedback and develop ideas which will eventually be published in book form. Daryl is available for speaking engagements, and contact details are available on his site.

3 thoughts on “Training and Motivation Tips

  • September 20, 2011 at 7:41 am

    I wrote and use the Feel Good Tracker app, it is a super easy to use iPhone/iPad/iPod touch app to journal activities. It has a simple star rating to give positive feedback when entering an activity.

    I find it helps me to stay motivated to do the activities that I enjoy.

  • September 19, 2011 at 3:56 am

    If you have the motivation then finding the time will not be a problem – if you are struggling to find the time then examine your motivation.


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