The Truth about Muscle Supplements: Determining whether or Not they are Right for you

Muscle supplements represent a controversial talking point in contemporary society, as they tend to provoke extreme reactions from those who are affiliated with the industry and those who are not. While some consider them to be overhyped products that do not deliver value for money, however, others will argue that they provide vital assistance to performance body-builders and individual who are simply trying to increase their muscle mass.


As ever, the truth lies in between these opposed extremes, as each muscle supplement is different and offers variable benefits to consumers. The branded nature of the market also means that there is significant competition between rival factions, meaning that over zealous advertising campaigns and energetic marketing can create confusion and mistrust among customers. If you are serious about developing muscle mass, however, it is important to delve beyond the surface of the market and distinguish fact from fiction.

The Truth about Muscle Supplements: Are they Genuine Right for you?
With this in mind, you should look to identify the science behind individual muscle supplements and their viability as body building aids. Consider the following products: –

  • Creatine: Perhaps the single most popular nutritional supplement on the market, creatine is also one of the safest and most productive. Its primary purpose is to provide a source of energy within the muscles, which is best used for high-intensity exercise such as sprinting and lifting weights. Available nationwide and through outlets such as Monster Supplements, it is readily available and provides genuine assistance in terms of aiding extensive work outs and rapid recovery times. This product is also proven to increase lean muscle mass during resistance training, so it has additional credibility in the marketplace. While this is to be recommended, however, it should be noted that users may experience side-effects such as regular muscle cramping.


  • Tribulus Terrestris: One of the more unusual muscle supplements on the market, Tribulus Terrestris is derived from the puncturevine plant and is a key ingredient in numerous testosterone boosting products. It can be also sold alone as an individual product, however, which means that it has become increasingly popular among knowledgeable and experienced body building professionals. While this is a relatively affordable and widely purchased supplement, however, there remains little scientific evidence to support its effectiveness. In fact, certain tests have revealed that the supplement is in fact capable of lowering good cholesterol, while also triggering breast enlargement in occasional instances.


  • Beta-Hydroxy-Beta-Methylbutyrate (HMB): HMB represents one of the latest breakthroughs on the fast evolving supplement market, and it is a derivative of the branch-chain amino acid leucine. It has many similarities with the hugely popular creatine, as it has been cultivated to enable individuals to perform high-intensity exercises such as weight lifting, running and circuit training. As a way of optimising the impact of HMB, certain market leaders have already begun to combine the supplement with creatine to create the ultimate consumer product. Early evidence certainly indicates that this fusion will be particularly successful, with some reviews suggesting that it will significantly increase the efficiency of lean muscle building among users. Given that this is still a relatively new supplement, however, consumers should remain wary and wait until further information has been published concerning the safety of HMB and its potential side-effects.


The Last Word for Lean Muscle Builders
When you consider these products and market alternatives such as testosterone boosters, it is easy to see why there is such a diversity of consumer opinion. While some supplements are clearly questionable and have little or no scientific weight to support their supposed purpose, there are others that have broken new ground in nutritional awareness and provided invaluable assistance to lean muscle builders and performance body sculptors.

This level of ambiguity means that the onus is on the consumer to consider their options carefully, by researching each supplement thoroughly prior to making a financial commitment. You will also need to take your precise needs into account, as each supplement is unique and therefore offers alternative benefits to each individual user. With this proactive and considered approach, however, you will separate scientific fact from fiction and identify the supplements that are most compatible with your physical requirements.

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