Two foods to save your heart

Food is the biggest source of heart diseases. Unhealthy foods which contain substances dangerous for heart can cause different hearth diseases. For example, food rich in fat and carbohydrates can cause to increase cholesterol in blood and and can block the vessels resulting in hearth attack or stroke. However following are two foods who have been studied long and deeply and are scientifically proven for their benefits about heart health. They have miraculous good effects for the health of vessels and heart and can reduce the chances of hearth diseases to a great extent.


Fish is loaded with omega-3 oils which are big helper in combating against heart and vessel diseases. Studies have revealed that eating fish two or three times in a week, can reduce the chances of involving in heart diseases by 36%.

Fish is very useful food for heart. Omega-3 oils, found in fish, have been studied that they help in improving and increasing HDL Cholesterol ( good cholesterol) and also help in decreasing LDL cholesterol ( bad cholesterol). With these it also lowers triglyceride level.

Omega-3 fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids ) also help in lowering blood pressure, which is a great cause of heart attack. It is also said that they also regulate the heart rhythms. They also discourage the making of blood clots, which eventually may block vessels and consequently may cause a sudden heart attack.

Eating fish regularly can help to reduce the chances of sudden death. It will keep your heart healthy and your vessels clean and smooth to pass blood. People which are very vulnerable to heart attacks, and even those who have recovered from a heart attack or have done angioplasty, should use fish frequently as it will help their vessels to prevent close up again.

Eskimos people are known for their lowest death rate due to heart attack and other heart diseases while they eat insufficient food and high amount of fat. A research was conducted to explore the cause of low heart diseases among these people. Blood samples were taken nearly 130 individuals and it was found that every thing was normal in their blood except “polyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA and DHA”. These are omega-3 which are abundantly found in fish. So it was concluded that the low rate of heart related diseases in Eskimos is due to their abundant use of fish.

Besides heart benefits, fish has also strong good effects in other health areas. It also helps in weight loss, rheumatoid arthritis and inflammation. It is also very beneficial in pregnancy and childhood. It helps women to prevent antiphospholipid syndrome which causes miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm delivery or severe preeclampsia. If women, pregnant with a baby,use fish, omega-3 fatty acids in fish will help in a well development of brain and eye of baby. It will also help to avoid premature birth and low weight at birth.

The American heart association advises to make fish a regular part of our diet to avoid heart related diseases. AHA recommends 1000 mg of omega-3 per-day or to eat fish at least twice a week. However there is a number of fish like Tilapia and Catfish which contain high level of unhealthy fatty acids and should be avoided. Also the fish with high level of metals and other toxins are dangerous for pregnant women.

Green Tea:

Green tea has been used since centuries ago and has a miracle of health benefits in itself. The Chinese have known about the benefits of green tea since ancient times, but only in recent years have its medicinal properties been investigated scientifically.

Today scientific research in both Asia and West is providing evidences. Health benefits of Green Tea are largely due to presence of antioxidant compounds in it. Green tea helps much in combating the heart diseases. It lowers the cholesterol in body and also make a good ratio between HDL and LDL. It also prevents the formation of abnormal blood clots which is a leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. A recent Chinese study, published in the Archives of Internal medicine showed the people who were regular consumers of green tea, showed a reduction in risk of hypertension from 46% to 65% than those who were not using green tea.

Why green tea is very beneficial for heart disease and why not other teas like black and oolong? The reason lies behind the way they are processed. Green tea is formed by steaming the tea’s leaves which prevents ECGC (a strong antioxidant compound) from being oxidized. While black and oolong teas are prepared through the process of fermentation and this process changes ECGC into other compounds which are not very effective preventing heart diseases.

A two or three cups of green tea daily are beneficial for heart health as well as overall health. However very excessive use of green tea should be avoids as it can cause insomnia because of presence of caffeine in it. However it contains approximately half caffeine as compared to caffeine.

Besides the health benefits related to heart, green tea has also number of other strong health benefits. Green tea is very beneficial in cancer. It prevents the growth of cancer cells as well as kills the present cancer cells. It also protects the liver from the negative effects of toxic substances. Green tea’s fat oxidation properties helps in weight loss. It is a digestive stimulant, help in keeping blood sugar level stabilized, prevent Arthritis and boost up the overall Immune System.


I am a gynecologist and it is my passion to keep a close eye on new researches in the field of health, especially the women health. I write to educate my readers so they can cope with the health issues in light of new and authentic research.

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