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uBaby is a new online community for new mothers and mothers to be. The site works to help pregnant women stay as active and healthy as possible so that they can enjoy their pregnancies.

It is difficult enough in today’s culture to stay active. Many of us sit behind the wheel, then sit at a desk all day, then sit behind the wheel again. Pregnancy is exhausting in and of itself, so many pregnant women find that they do not have enough energy left over for exercise. Yet it is this missing exercise that will give them the energy they need to make it through the day.

Pregnancy can be a full-time job, yet many, if not most, pregnant women are busy caring for other children, and/or working at one or more careers. Still, women need to prioritize their own health, even if its only for their sanity.

[box type=”important”]Before beginning any new physical activity, consult with your physician. Your healthcare provider can give your personal guidelines based on your medical history. Then, once you’ve gotten the green light, here are some simple ways to have an active and healthy pregnancy:[/box]

UBaby Pregnancy workout

Exercise During Pregnancy:

  • Yoga. Try to find a prenatal yoga class. These are often scheduled around the typical working woman’s schedule. Prenatal yoga can help keep a pregnant woman’s blood pressure low, help prevent varicose veins, and help with strength and flexibility, both of the utmost importance in the delivery room. If you can’t find a yoga class near you, or you can’t fit one into your schedule, consider purchasing a prenatal yoga video.
  • Water aerobics. While you probably don’t feel like getting into a leotard and bouncing around a mirrored room, water aerobics can provide a terrific, low-impact exercise and the water offers a woman a bit of privacy.
  • Walking. While it doesn’t sound very glamorous, walking is one of the best things a pregnant woman can do for herself and her growing baby. Walking helps strengthen core muscles, which will help keep your pelvis and spine healthy and strong.
  • Bellydancing. That’s right, bellydancing. Some sources indicate that women have been bellydancing for centuries as a way to prepare their bodies for birth and motherhood. While you may feel a bit silly bellydancing with a giant belly, bellydancing is tremendously good for those core muscles, and can be an aerobic workout as well. If you can find a bellydancing class in your area, be sure to tell your instructor that you are pregnant, and if you can’t find a class, there are many videos available for beginning bellydance.
[box type=”note”]While pregnant women often have a lot on their plates, it is important to prioritize their health. A healthy pregnancy is a happy pregancy! Visit uBaby for more information on how to have a happy and healthy pregnancy![/box]


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  • March 15, 2011 at 11:24 pm

    Yes, I would recommend Yoga and Pilates as they train both the body and the mind.


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