Understanding Medicare Eligibility Criteria And Enrollment Period

The federal government sponsored insurance scheme for the senior citizens called Medicare is available to all the seniors that are 65 or older and receive social security benefits. The Medicare is also open for the people with certain disability which also includes people with end stage renal disease – permanent kidney failure.

People turning 65 do not have to worry about their medical bills or hospital bills as they will be covered under Medicare insurance offered by the federal government. However, it is important for them to know the eligibility criteria for this insurance and other insurance services offered by the private insurance companies to fill the holes present in the original Medicare insurance.


There are specific enrollment-periods for the Medicare and certain other insurance plans and the seniors need to understand how the enrollment period works so that they can take the best advantage of these insurance schemes.

Enrollment period for Medicare:

The enrollment period for Medicare is of seven months for the people turning 65. It opens up for them three months before their 65th birthday month and closes down after three months from their 65th birthday month, so in total the period is of seven months. The seniors who are receiving the social security benefits automatically get enrolled into Medicare and are notified by the social security admin department. You will be enrolled into both Part A and Part B of the Medicare, where part A is totally free and part B requires premium payment. If you do not want to continue with Part B then you can decline it. For those who are not receiving Social Security benefits can apply for these benefits and inform their administration department to enroll them into Medicare.

For disabled people the enrollment period starts after 21 months the person starts receiving social security benefits or RRB benefits and is open till 27th month after the person starts receiving such benefits.

Enrollment period for Medicare Advantage Plan:

The enrollment period for Medicare Advantage plan is also open for seven months starting from the three months prior to the 65th birthday of an individual till three months after the 65th birthday month of the individual. It is important to enroll into original Medicare insurance in order to get the Medicare Advantage insurance coverage.

Who can sign up for Medigap Plans?

You become eligible to enroll into any of the Medigap or Medicare supplement plans once you have enrolled into the original Medicare insurance. There are currently ten different supplement plans available, which are all designed to fill the gaps found in the original Medicare insurance. There is no specified enrollment period for the Medicare supplement plans and so you can buy these plans anytime during the year, and you can also switch between these plans when you want without waiting for the enrollment period.

When can you sign up for Part D or Prescription Drug plan?

The enrollment period for the Part D Medicare is same as that of Part A and Part B of the original Medicare. Part D is the prescription drug plan and it is open for both senior citizens turning 65 and disables people under 65 getting social security benefits since twenty four months. However, it is important to note that if you do not enroll into this plan when it first opens up for you the premium cost will increase by at least 1% every month till you join this plan.


The aforementioned plans include different types of plans which can provide insurance coverage for the entire medical and hospital related expenses. There are certain plans that cover your home care expenses and also an emergency medical expense when you traveling abroad. So if you have enrolled into these plans at the right time you will be covered for the medical expenses at a very low cost. Contact the reputed Medicare insurance agent in Utah today to know your best options.

Author Bio: Adam Bak is the author of this article. He is a professional writer and has written many articles on Utah Medigap Plans (http://utahmedicareplans.com/)  and Utah Medicare Options (http://utahmedicareplans.com/) to help people buy the insurance at the right time from the right insurance company and at the right price.


Adam Bak is a professional writer and has written many articles on Medigap Plans and Medicare Options to help people buy the insurance at the right time from the right insurance company and at the right price.

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