Nine Unusual Remedies for Allergies that You Might Not Want to Try at Home

If you’re an allergy sufferer, you’re probably willing to try almost anything to get some relief. Traditional home remedies might seem like a bunch of hooey straight from a gaggle of old wives, but then again, they might just work. Here are some of the more unusual ways we’ve discovered to treat allergies.

Warning!!! We don’t recommend that you try these remedies for treating allergies!

Quail Eggs – Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have prescribed quail egg extract to treat cold and allergy symptoms for thousands of years. Capsules of freeze dried quail eggs are now available in Western countries for those who want to try this ancient cure.

Onion Poultice – Poultices have gone out of favor in modern times, but back in the day they were thought to cure just about everything, including allergies. While onions are rich in quercetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid that is thought to help reduce allergy symptoms, it’s probably a better bet to eat them instead of crushing and smearing them on your chest.

Parasitic Worms – Scientists have found that being infected by hookworms can reduce allergies. The only problem is that having a body infested by parasitic worms is a problem in and of itself and can cause all sorts of nasty side effects. While some allergy sufferers are willing to risk it, most of us would rather see what less-invasive breakthroughs will come from studying this phenomena.

Apple Cider Vinegar – Is there anything that this sour, fermented liquid isn’t rumored to cure? Proponents say that drinking two teaspoons or so of apple cider vinegar in a pint of water each day can relieve allergy symptoms but so far there is no conclusive scientific proof that it works.

Hypnosis – Several hypnosis practitioners have made claims that many allergy symptoms are caused by our subconscious and thus can be cured by hypnosis. While the placebo effect has been known to relieve symptoms, it can be deadly to trust that hypnosis can cure a lethal food allergy.

Chiropractic Care – Some chiropractors claim that by removing subluxations (mis-alignments) on the vertebrae, they can release stress from the patient’s nervous system which will allow them to neutralize allergens.

Energy Healing – Nampudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique is based on the idea that allergies are caused by energy blockages and the brain and body can be retrained to allow a more normal flow of energy and thus eliminate allergy symptoms. There is no evidence that this is true and it runs counter to mainstream medicine’s understanding of what causes allergies.

Drinking Urine – Luckily drinking urine has never caught the mainstream’s fancy like drinking apple cider vinegar has. Its devotee’s claim it can cure a staggering number of ailments, including allergies, but there is absolutely no evidence that it works. If are desperate enough to try it, go for the homeopathic version where the urine is heavily diluted before consumption.

Visiting a Salt Mine – Speleotherapy is popular in Eastern Europe as a cure for allergies and asthma. It involves spending 2-3 hours at a time in an underground salt mine to breathe in the naturally ionized air. For those who can’t visit a salt mine, there are special salt lamps available to use at home to ionize the air.

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