The Need for Urine Drug Tests and How to Apply

Most Fortune 500 companies are required to have and apply urine drug tests and a drug testing protocol on all their employees. By the latest estimates, drug related incidents and usage in work place are costing America’s corporations in excess of $125 billion per year. Given this, it is only natural for the top corporations to implement a measure that provides a safe and hazard free environment where employees can work safely.


In addition, it is mandatory for the company to provide such an environment for its employees, given the high incidence of drug related accidents by those operating heavy machinery. Some of the companies utilize patented technologies and cannot afford to have the same compromised due to erratic behavior on the part of one or more individuals, while under the influence of drugs.

Advance notification vs. pre-notification:

Companies prefer not to issue any advance notification regarding any impending urine drug tests for the simple reason that drug users can take some counter measures to hide their addiction. However, they are required by law to inform their employees regarding these random checks prior to the actual test. To comply with the law and prevent anyone from taking any counter measures as a way to cheat the test, they have opted for the pre-notification format where a general memo is issued hours before the actual test takes place.

The process:

Urine drug tests are easy to conduct and once the individual deposits his or her sample, it is sent to the lab for a series of checks for drug usage. The test is non-intrusive and can be conducted safely, with little or no harmful side effects. The cost factor does not apply since these tests are not expensive, companies can afford to carry out random checks, as, and when they think it is necessary. Usually the results should be available anywhere from 1-2 days and can be used to test against a series of substances, ranging from methamphetamine to PCP.

Since most drugs cannot be metabolized within a day, the urine drug test is one effective fail safe option for companies to carry out random drug tests while ensuring that their workplace remains a safe environment to work in. These tests can also indicate medication taken by the individual within the last 24 hours. Naturally, the employee should mark down all medication taken by him over the course of the last week and the reason.

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