Vacation Time: How to Get Your Body Beach Ready

With summer coming and the weather warming up, it’s time to tone your body and lose some weight so you can look great in your bathing suit. To get your body ready for the beach, there are several simple but effective things you can do.  Not all of us look like Ryan Reynolds or ever will, but there are plenty of things you can do to look better at the beach.

Vacation Time- How to Get Your Body Beach Ready

Reduce Your Sodium Intake

In order to get ready for the beach in a healthy way, you should avoid dangerous miracle diet pills. Instead, a few changes in your diet will do wonders. When you consume too much salt, your body will bloat, and you’ll retain water. This water retention looks unattractive and makes your weight increase. To slim down, cut back on the amount of sodium you consume each day. Pay attention to what you are eating, and make sure not to exceed 2000 mg of sodium per day. The less salt, the better.

Cardiovascular Exercise

One of the most effective ways to get your body ready for the beach is to exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is a specific type of exercise that will help you lose weight very quickly. It increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, and this will help you burn calories more quickly. Great cardio exercises to do are running, jogging, and kickboxing. Dancing is also a fun and effective way to lose weight.

Make sure to do these exercises for at least 20 to 30 minutes each day for best results. Also, when exercising, you should warm-up before you start to protect yourself from straining muscles. Strength tape can also be used to protect your body from many types of injuries. Learn more at

No More Soda

Drinks like soda, alcohol, and even fruit juices can have a lot of calories and sugar in them. These calories can very quickly add up and cause excess weight gain. If you’re drinking any or all of these drinks every day, you should cut back or stop drinking them entirely. Try drinking only water each day. This will get your body slimmer very quickly.

Cut Out White Flour

White flour and refined sugars can cause you to gain weight. These simple carbohydrates also will leave you hungry, causing you to overeat. Refrain from eating simple carbohydrates, and opt for whole grains instead. You’ll be healthier, and your body will become slimmer and beach-ready.

With a few diet changes and some easy exercises, you’ll have a slim and trim body that’ll look great, so you can enjoy the beach and have fun.

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  • May 17, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    Also be careful of how much weight you lose. Losing too much weight in a given period of time can be bad for you and your body.


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