Veterans & Mesothelioma:Those That Fought For Us Need Us To Fight For Them

Prior to the mid 1970’s asbestos was widely used throughout the military.  It was thought of as a fantastic product due to its insulation properties and the fact that it will not catch on fire.  Through testing it had demonstrated that it did not burn. Because of this it was woven into fabrics that were used to make things like gloves and aprons for workers in overheated climates.  The military used it for insulation on many bases, ships, and buildings.  Asbestos was used to line ceilings, walls and floors in areas that needed fire protection.  Many of these buildings still stand, with very little changes made to them, today.

Crews aboard a Navy ship would have been exposed to asbestos from its use lining engine rooms. There were so much asbestos used on Navy ships that the US Government estimates several tons of asbestos insulation was used in the engine rooms of every ship.  Due to the high use of asbestos throughout the military Veterans have a greater risk of developing mesothelioma than the rest of the United States population.  Veterans represent only 8% of Americas population, but 30% of the mesothelioma related deaths.

Mesothelioma cancer can take decades to show up after prolonged exposure. Veterans that served our country and fought for our freedom may find themselves terribly sick with cancer years later. There is legislation stating that exposure to asbestos does not constitute a military disability, so while Veterans may be treated by VA medical staff they have difficulty receiving financial compensation on their own.  Many have been repeatedly denied claims for disability benefits – benefits they rightfully deserve. While no one argues the fact that they are sick and have a genuine problem, the US Government does not want to pay for it.  It has been proven that asbestos causes cancer, the US Military widely used asbestos and for decades soldiers were exposed to it. The challenge is not with proving the facts so much as with dealing with the aftermath.

Working with a skilled attorney can change the landscape. Rather than a Veteran, or their family, fighting an uphill battle against the US Government – while simultaneously fighting the health battle of their life – researching and finding an expert in veterans asbestos exposure law could help you receive the treatment you need. Proving these cases in court and associating damages to them is a complicated process.  In order to make sure Veterans receive the quality of care they need and their families are financially taken care of an attorney experienced in mesothelioma litigation is necessary.  When faced with a life altering illness that can lead to death it is not the time to take a chance on an inexperienced attorney.  You may only have one shot at going after the government and making sure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. Be sure to check the background of each attorney you are considering, read reviews from independent attorney review sources, talk to past clients of the firms, and make sure that the firm you are looking at can truly backup their claims.

It is an American duty and moral responsibility to help spread awareness. Veterans are an under-served population when it comes to receiving the healthcare they need. What can you do to help?


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