How Can Video Games Cure Cataracts And Improve Eyesight Permanently?

Everyone wants to have good eyesight. This is especially true for those people who have been wearing contact lenses or glasses for many years. Due to the advent of technological solutions in terms of improving eyesight, they can easily have surgery to improve their eyesight permanently. But it is scary for some people. They wish if there is a miracle and their eyesight improves permanently.

One such miracle had already been there but undiscovered, i.e. the positive impact of video games on eyesight! Obviously, it is almost impossible to believe that playing video games can bring back good eyesight to people. But there is a lot of scientific evidence behind this phenomenon. Playing video games is beneficial for people who have cataracts. Eventually, this also improves their eyesight permanently.

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is a cloudy area in an eye’s lens that does not let light pass through the retina. The presence of cataract in a person’s eyes blocks light from reaching the retina. The retina has a significant role to perform in terms of providing proper vision. It is actually a layer of nerves at the backside of the eye. The purpose of these nerve cells is to detect light that enters the eye. After detecting light, these nerve cells send signals of vision to the brain.

That is how you can see through your eyes. But people with cataracts in their eyes have vision problems because the light cannot pass through the retina.

There are various causes of cataracts. Some children are naturally born with this eye disease. Others can get cataracts because of aging and increased exposure to the sun. However, aging does not necessarily lead to cataracts. The color of the eyes changes with aging and it is considered normal. Other causes of cataracts are injury, and excessive use of some specific medicines.

The Role of Video Games in Curing Cataracts

Although surgery can cure cataracts, playing video games can benefit those who are born with cataracts in their eyes. This research specifically applies to young adults. With enjoying their spare time by playing action games, they actually help get their perfect vision back.

What Research Reveals About Video Games and Improved Eyesight

Dr. Daphne Maurere is a Psychologist in Vancouver, Canada. She conducted a detailed research study on the relationship between video games and the cure of cataracts. Her research work reveals that adults who were born with eyesight problems i.e. congenial cataracts can actually get their vision back permanently if they play action-oriented video games for specific number of hours.

Dr. Daphne presented her experimental research to the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). In this forum, she proved that cataracts among young adults can improve after they play action video games for forty hours. They were able to see small print, identify faces, and could also see in which direction the dots in the video game were moving.

The Experiment of Cataract Patients Playing Video Games

The study conducted by Dr. Daphne consisted of both male and female participants aged between nineteen and thirty-one. All these participants had cataracts in their eyes from birth. When they were infants, they could only see light from both their eyes. Therefore, they could not focus on any object in detail. Although they went through eye treatments, removing their cataracts, they could still not see properly.

[box type=”note”]The researchers provided them action video games to see and play for a total of forty hours. After this duration, it was found that their eyesight improved within only forty hours. Now, they could identify faces properly, differentiate between where the objects were moving, and could also see the eye chart.[/box]

It was definitely a great improvement for such participants who lacked vision since childhood.

What You Should Do?

Although surgery is one of the best solutions to cure this eye disease, it often becomes difficult for cataract patients to go for surgery because many of them fear for it. However, playing video games can be a good and inexpensive option to cure the disease. Whatever decision you wish to take, it is important to take proper advice from an eye-specialist.

Since the research on how beneficial video games are for eyesight still needs a lot of work your optician can recommend you Air Optix Aqua to clear your vision.

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