Vitamin D Can Slow the Progression of Breast Cancer

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that the body needs. Commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D provides the body with adequate nutrition that is crucial in maintaining a healthy bone density, enhance calcium absorption in the body, prevent various cardiac diseases and in inhibiting muscle aches and pains. But women now have a better reason to give the body with sufficient supply of vitamin D besides these health benefits. Vitamin D is not merely a sunshine vitamin but rather a newly discovered potential nutrient capable of slowing down the progression of breast cancer.

The US National Library of Medicine describes breast cancer as a type of cancer where the cancer cells tend to grow from the breast tissue. It is the most common cancer afflicting women globally and researches were pursued to discover new treatments that would retard the occurrence of breast cancer. There were already suspicions among researchers that vitamin D could possibly either retard or slow down the progression of breast cancer.


The Boston Medical School, through the leadership of Professor Hollick, has accomplished several studies in establishing the link between vitamin D and breast cancer. According to Hollick, women with breast cancer has a 25% chance of avoiding consequential deaths due to the disease through vitamin D supplementation. This principle was further backed up by the study conducted by the researchers from the St Georges Hospital where low levels of vitamin D among women exposes them to a higher risk of getting breast cancer. The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology also signified the result that after cross referencing two studies that link vitamin D to cancer, it appears that women exposed to the sunlight at least 15 to 30 minutes daily or has taken 2000 IUs of vitamin D supplements are at low risk to breast cancer.

Another research study that was published in the Journal of Cell Biology further supported the claims that vitamin D is an essential nutrient that could inhibit or slow down the progression of breast cancer. According to reports, the vitamin D is linked to breast cancer improvements owing to its ability of degrading a chemical known to inhibit the action of the DNA repair factor known as the 53BP1. The 53BP1 inhibits the tumor activity in breast cancer. There is however a protein-degrading chemical that tends to inhibit the efficient action of the 53BP1 that causes it to reduce in number and consequently causes the breast tumor to grow fast. Vitamin D plays a major role in preventing this protein-degrading chemicals from inhibiting the action of 53BP1. As a consequence, the latter becomes effective in counteracting the tumor growths in the breast thereby causing its inhibition or slows down the tumor growth.

Vitamin D is now considered to be a natural source of treatment in managing breast cancer which is a condition known for being resistant to treatments. Health experts recommend taking 2000 IUs of vitamin D supplement daily because this type of nutrient is hard to obtain if you mainly rely on your diet.

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