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Ways to Save Money on Your Health Bill!

Learning longevity principles from the Chinese

Do you recall having read that Chinese doctors used to get paid regularly – though in very small amounts – for keeping people healthy, but stopped getting paid when their patients got sick?

What did they use to keep people healthy? Not drugs, for sure!

They simply taught their people Chinese health exercises, including Qigong in accordance with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

That’s the reason why in the parks in China one still sees older people practising these movements, as well as Tai Chi. The young have a tendency to practise Chinese martial arts like Kung Fu, which involve similar principles but for martial arts application.

For that purpose they train to concentrate their attention on driving energy through some predetermined parts of the body, using the so-called ‘meridians of attack’ situated on the outer part of the body, which is not nearly as much part of pure Chinese Health exercises.

Actually, Qigong can be used not only for helping to treat illness and for health-enhancing activities but also for meditation and martial arts practices, developing and directing energy for each of these goals.

So, how does that relate to saving money on our health bill?

It’s a sign of the times, really.  In the current economic situation of most Western countries, we can not rely on the government to subsidise our medical bills and medical insurance is pretty expensive anyway.

So, it makes good financial sense to begin to learn self-help, taking charge of ourselves and our health, as being in good and better health is a good standpoint – because then we have energy – from which to handle every other aspect of our life.

I won’t teach you anything by saying that health is neither skin-deep, nor muscle-deep. Some very skilled martial artists died very young having developed their muscle fitness.

Health comes from applying a holistic approach to oneself.

So, what are the key aspects we need to put our attention on?

· The way we breathe
· The way we move
· The way we feel

These parameters indicate that we’ve got to take heed of our body, to notice and respect what it’s telling us.

· Learning to deep-breathe helps us relax, releases the tension in our organs, making their functioning easier and better
· Learning to move in a harmonious way, nothing sudden or ‘scattered’, saves and helps develop our vital energy
· Learning to feel our body, becoming familiar with its needs, what it requires, helps greatly prolong our life

Therefore we need a ‘toolbox’ of simple, easy methods to help us practise and learn these skills that enable us to generate and maintain our own well-being and thus become far more independent regarding our personal health care.

After all, the better we feel in our body, the less we need to go to the doctor for treatment – and the better shape our bank account is in!

To provide a self-help for health ‘toolbox’, Francoise Bonhoure, a qualified Seniors Exercise teacher (for Over and Under 50’s!), has created a beginner exercise program.

By joining the membership for our ezine here you’ll have access to free exercise videos and audios.

Francoise Bonhoure I am a trained senior in methods promoting health and well-being: Tai Chi, Qigong, Dance Meditation, Massage etc. and have a diploma from the French Ministry of Sport as a Tai Chi and Qigong teacher.I have established Free and Easy Exercises for over 50's : after having taught and practiced these methods for some 30 years. I enjoy exercises as it clears and nourishes my energy, makes me feel calmer and more present. I have started my site as publishing the content of an ebook was getting too large!


  1. Prafulla

    December 27, 2011 at 4:07 am

    I think the regular exercise is the key to the better health.So if you want’s to save money which you spend on health then exercise is the perfect option for you.

  2. Mike

    September 13, 2011 at 6:31 am

    I didnt believe in being so in tune with your body that you had a better sense of what was going on until I started exercising regularly. I learned to interpret different signals coming from my body and what I needed.

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