Allow the Weather to Dictate your Workout

There are an immense amount of exercises to choose from when you are looking to get a sweat going. One of the best ways to keep your workouts exciting is by not being certain of what is around the corner. By diving into an array of activities, you can always be prepared no matter what Mother Nature throws your way. The colder and rainy days can be deflating to many individuals that were planning on going for a walk around the neighborhood or a nice group bicycle ride. Thus, by building up your repertoire you can be prepared to seize every warm sunny afternoon, while not being forced to take a day off when the conditions are less than perfect.

Through branching out, you can begin to find more activities you enjoy, which can in turn target muscles that have previously not been getting in on the action. Being forced inside by a thunderstorm can give you the opportunity to use your free time that you have put aside to strengthen your core or dive into some resistance and weight training. For instance, you can find any room in your home where you are able to lay down a carpet or mat and peacefully stretch — relieving all the stress from your body while increasing your flexibility.

Doing the same exercise everyday can grow tiresome, and everyone needs a break. Even professional athletes have to occasionally take a break from the games they love to remain fresh and avoid burning out, and through cross-training they are able to improve their performance.

Conversely, for those who find themselves frequently locked inside a gym or fitness center, strive to break from your shell and explore the great unknown. Getting outside and feeling the sun on your face can give you the boost to press on and push your limits that no energy bar or protein shake can. With there being hundreds of ways to live a healthy life, there is no need to restrict yourself to only a handful of activities. With each season comes a chance to explore a new hobby, and allow you to become a greater athlete. Carpe Diem – “seize the day.”


This guest post is contributed by Barbara Jolie, who writes for online classes.



This guest post is contributed by Barbara Jolie, who writes for online classes. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: [email protected]

One thought on “Allow the Weather to Dictate your Workout

  • July 26, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Thanks for the reminder to get up off my butt! I know I just would rather skip my gym workout and do something outside if the day is beautiful!


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