Weight Loss Motivation for Fat and Lazy Dads

How many times have you promised yourself to lose the belly fat and get back into shape? Probably more times than you can count and this is not surprising at all.  Starting to do exercise and eat healthier food is one thing but sticking with it is a totally different story.

Have you ever started a work out plan and then after the first cold or flu hits you, you find it so hard to get back to the gym again. Just sitting there in the couch is far more appealing somehow, even though you know that’s your biggest enemy when you want to lose weight.

A key ingredient to weight loss success is to not sit down until very late in the evening, because when you sit down you won’t get up until it’s time to hit the sack.

What is the issue here, why is it so hard to stay motivated to lose weight? Simply put, you don’t have enough pain associated with your current physique to motivate yourself to go on even on days when you feel weak, stressed out or exhausted from work.

Fortunately there are some things you can do to ensure that you get your ass off the couch if you accidentally find yourself there and have a hard time going to the gym.

Set Goals and Put It On The Wall for All To See

Greatness and achievement doesn’t come from a plan less effort. It comes from setting your goals, strategies and envisioning yourself already being where you want to be.

This is why setting goals is so important for everything you do in life, losing weight and getting into shape included.

Some people say you should set a goal that is hard to reach. I say you should set a goal that is reachable for you in maybe 6 months’ time. When you reach it you can set a new goal.

The feeling of accomplishment is something you deserve. So go ahead and write down your goals. And don’t forget to celebrate when you reach it!

Get a training buddy

Would you leave your buddy alone at the gym just so you can lie down in the sofa watching junk TV instead?

Didn’t think so!

Having a buddy to work out with is excellent. Not only does it leave you with a guilty conscience if you fail to show up, you’ll also have someone dragging you there on those days you feel less motivated.

And the good thing is that you’ll do the same for him.

Win – Win.

Promise your wife

You shouldn’t promise your wife anything you can’t keep. Sticking your neck out a little and promising a new fitter and healthier husband hopefully gets you a little bit of motivation to keep going.

Also, make sure she reminds you every now and then. Some guys need a kick in the butt once in a while.

Be a role model

Got kids? Use them to get the results you want for your body!

Now, I don’t mean in a bad way or anything. You’re their role model and if they are young enough you’re their hero. So when you take care of your body and helping your family to eat good natural healthy food this will show them how they should live their lives one day.

If your smoking and if you’re overweight I’d bet your kids will look and behave the same in 20 years. Do you want that for them?

Thinking about how much your own behavior influence them is the strongest motivator of all.

Log your workouts

If you love statistics you have to track your workouts and you progress. Maybe your goal is a bit down the road and then this constant logging will help you see the progress your making.

Slowly but surely you’ll get to your goal, make sure you log every step of the way.

Do less

Taking massive action is a good choice for some people but to most it is just overwhelming. Don’t do everything at once. Start with something and then add to the things that work for you. Do not climb Mount Everest; take the local hill to start with instead. Make sure you can reach your goals so that they don’t crush you.

Take all, or take some of these tips and implement today to help you keep motivated gaining strength and losing the fat.

Most important of all, be a role model – and a fit one too!

John Miller

John Miller is a dad and fitness enthusiast. His blog GetDadFit.com is dedicated to helping dads get back into shape and have more energy to invest in their kids and family life. I’m here to help, sign up for my newsletter and receive free updates and content that only is available to my news list.

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