Weight Loss Tips – 2 Fat Burning Principles

To ensure maximum fat loss results, you must learn and practice the right fat burning principles. Losing weight and fat loss are not the same thing. Losing weight could occur when you shed away any amounts of fats, muscles or even water. While you’ll be losing pounds, you won’t have the physical changes you’re looking for. In fact, incorrect weight loss leads to a myriad of health problems and difficulties.

As a result, if you want to lose weight the right way, then start shedding away your fat deposit and create the body of your dreams. Here are a few guidelines that can go a long way toward your success.

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Don’t Skip Meals

When it comes to burning fat, skipping meals is not the way to go. In fact, When you skip meals (hoping to accelerate the weight loss process), you won’t providing your body with the energy it requires to properly function. Furthermore, you’ll be forcing your body to enter into starvation mode, thus your metabolism slows down and you burn off fewer calories per minute as an undesired result.

Not only that, meal skipping will make you hungrier and more likely to overeat on your next meal. People who are hungrier tend to overeat and indulge without thinking about the dire consequences of these bad eating habits only after these cravings are satisfied. This can lead to weight gain, and more setbacks and frustration.

As a result, make sure to eat your meals—especially breakfast. Aim for 4-5 small meals, every 3-4 hours and keep your cravings at bay. Good eating principles are universal. They are no mystery. Shoot for a healthy mix of the good carbs (complex carbs), lean protein and the right fats. Make sure to eat 2-3 hours before exercising and immediately afterwards

Keep Blood Sugar Levels At Bay

The spikier your blood sugar is, the fatter you get. Your blood sugar levels are primarily affected by the type of foods you eat. Foods with more sugars (high on the glycemic index) tend to spike your sugar levels through the roof. When you’ve high blood sugar levels, you’ll be hungrier and thus overeat throughout the day. In addition, high blood sugar levels can lead to serious health problems.

Avoid spiking your blood sugar levels by doing the following:

  • Use the glycemic index when planning for your food intake. Choose carbs with low indices.
  • Eat carbohydrates around your workout. Consume these valuable nutrients during exercise and immediately afterwards. Your body is usually more primed to sock away carbs as glycogen within this recovery window (30-40 minutes after the workout).
  • Eat carbohydrates in the morning when your body needs them for energy. Don’t eat them in the evening.
  • Cut out simple carbohydrates. These include the various forms of sugar, such as lactose, fructose, sucrose. Simple carbs get metabolized swiftly by the body and are therefore most likely to cause a blood sugar surge.

[box type=”note”]The above eating guidelines are no secret. But it takes implementation and practice if you want to make your weight loss vision into a concrete reality. Therefore, make sure to take action and incrementally move toward getting the body of your dreams.[/box]

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    Great tips. So important to prevent spikes in blood sugar for many reasons.


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