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What Are Metabolic Conditioning Complexes?

In the realm of fitness, there is always a new diet or exercise that claims to help you get in shape quickly. Before you try out a new exercise or diet though, it is important to find out what it is about and how it works to help you get fit and healthy.


A new exercise is sweeping the fitness realm – an exercise that can supposedly help you with bodybuilding fat loss and improve your core stability while preserving body mass. Metabolic conditioning complexes or “MetCon” (as it is called by practitioners) works to get your heart rate way up and get you breathing rapidly. And it is supposed to help you achieve its promised results for just minutes at a time.


MetCon requires the use of a dumbbell or kettlebell that weighs around 20 to 25 percent of your body weight.

How to do it

When doing MetCon, you work out fast and you take very few breaks. MetCon has 10 moves that you have to complete in a circuit (this means going from one exercise to the next immediately) with very little to no breaks in between sets. You are allowed a couple of minutes rest after completing a whole circuit before repeating. If it is going to be your lone workout routine for the day, complete 3 to 4 circuits. If you are going to do your usual strength training routine, do 1-2 circuits of MetCon as a finisher for your bodybuilding fat loss routine.

Samples of MetCon Exercises

2-Point Bent Over Row

Set your feet hip-width apart and keep your knees soft. Keep your back flat while you hinge your hips back so that your torso is almost parallel to the ground. Once you are in position, hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in your right hand, and put your left hand on the small of your back.

Hold the weight at arm’s length then bring it up to your torso until your hand touches your rib cage. Do five reps with each arm.

Right Arm Swing

Set your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees soft. Hang your hip back until your torso is at a 45-degree angle with the floor. Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell with your right hand and let it hang between your legs.

Rapidly bring your hips forward, keeping your right arm straight until it is level with your sternum. Hang your hips back again, with the weight once more between your legs. Use your hips to bring your arm and weight up to sternum level. Do not use your shoulders. Repeat 10 times.

Push-up Cross Body Mountain Climber

Put yourself in a standard push-up position. Set your feet hip-width apart. Bring yourself down towards the floor while maintaining your arms at a 45-degree angle to your torso.

Bring yourself back up while at the same time bringing your right knee across your body towards your left elbow. Bring yourself back down again, this time though bring your left knee to your opposite side as you push back up. Do five reps on each side alternately.

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