What are the 7 Most Typical Causes of Skin Allergy?

Nickel skin allergy

Learning about the major causes of skin allergy can save you a lot of red, itchy, swelly grief. The following information highlights 7  of the most typical skin allergens.

  1. Nickel is a major cause of allergic reactions. Nickel is found in products like jewelry pieces and accessories, stainless steel, chrome-nickel alloy, and even metal buttons found on jeans and watchband buckles, too. People who have sensitive skin are easily affected because they instantly develop skin allergic reaction. The nickel is absorbed by the body when you perspire and the small quantity of nickel stirs the reaction.
  2. Another major cause of skin allergies is rubber. Rubber is a very common material found in many products and items. The symptoms of a rubber allergy include a itchy red rash that is manifested after you come contact with rubber materials. People who wear rubber gloves are common victims – doctors and nurses are prone to skin allergy since they always wear latex. If you think you have a rubber allergy, use vinyl gloves / products.
  3. Hair dyes are problematic because of its pheraphenylan diamine content.
  4. Chromates found in cement, matches, paints, shoe leather and anti-rust mixtures are another skin allergen.  Construction workers, shoe makers, and welders are prone to this type of allergy.
  5. Beware of allergies to cosmetics. These products are common causes of allergic dermatitis. Symptoms can include sensitivity  to sun exposure and lesions resembling acne. If you see these signs, immediately stop using such products. Other products that you should be aware of are household items like toilet paper, soaps, detergents, and fabric conditioners, and paper towels, too. Fragrances are also not an exemption. If you ignore these, you may end up with chronic skin inflammation and skin allergy (in Danish the term is hudallergi) that can be really painful and life-threatening.
  6. Believe it or not –  toothpaste is another allergen. Toothpaste can also cause skin allergy especially if it contains high fluoride content. People who are sensitive to toothpaste and mouthwash must be warned, too. If you want your lips to be free of allergy, be careful in choosing your toothpaste.
  7. Shaving creams round out the top 7 major causes of skin allergy. And with this, men should be extra careful in choosing the brand of shaving cream. Otherwise, you are going to suffer from skin inflammations which can really be disheartening.

Since you are now familiar with these major causes of skin allergy, you have to stay away from them so that you will not have to suffer from the pain caused by skin allergy. For more info on allergy prevention, check out this site.

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