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What Are the Best Uses for Nattokinase Enzymes Supplements?

I’ve been using nattokinase for almost a year. I swear by it. Not because it is some fancy supplement, but because it works. You see, I spent a long time in hospital a few years ago after a serious car accident. Whilst I was there, I suffered a DVT (blood clot) in my groin that nearly killed me – again! (I cheated death, twice that year). I am honored and blessed to be here sharing one tiny part of my story with you.

For a long time after I left hospital, I suffered with severe swelling of my ankles, a lot of pain and a I spent as much time as I could with my legs elevated. Although I was prescribed ‘compression stockings’ after my diagnosis, I still had many problems relating to my blood circulation. Oh, by the way, I have a family history of high blood pressure and heart disease too.


As you can probably imagine, I was constantly concerned about my cardiovascular system. But that all changed when I discovered nattokinase enzyme treatment. I didn’t believe it at first, like you I guess right now. But I thought to myself, that nothing else had really relieved the swelling and pain in my lower legs. So, why not try these little capsules? After all, I had nothing to lose and they are 100% completely natural.

I was amazed, totally amazed from the results. And although I haven’t had my blood pressure checked recently, I’m confident in the ability of nattokinase, which I now take on a daily basis. I have felt and seen major changes in my ankles. The swelling has reduced, the bruising has decreased and I’ve seen a lot of pain relief. I can also walk quicker and for longer without getting out of breath as quick.

These results are enough proof to me, that nattokinase is a wonderful addition to my nutrition plan. You can find out more about nattokinase and how it can help you in daily life, at our website (address below).

What Else Can Nattokinase Help With?

But the benefits nattokinase has for your body don’t stop there. Cancer patients have reported that they have seen some relief from their symptoms when they have used this enzyme. Nattokinase is not a cure, let’s make that perfectly clear. But because of the way cancer cells work, some success has been seen by patients when using it because of how it transports more oxygen to cancer cells. When cancer is growing, it starves the bodies cells of oxygen, but this is slowed down or even reversed by the effects of nattokinase.

Another terrible disease (that affects only women), is fibroids. Fibroids are quite common among women, and they usually don’t get symptoms that affect them in any way. Some women unknowingly have them, and are only discovered by having a smear or other invasive procedure. On average, only twenty-five percent of women will ever suffer from this condition. And those symptoms can be very severe and upsetting, for obvious reasons. They range from constipation, menstrual cramps to infertility.

But the great news is, and it is a shame that every female on the planet doesn’t know this, that nattokinase can also help to reduce those nasty symptoms. The enzyme works within the tiny cells in the woman’s body, causing it to produce plasmin, which is a natural dispenser of fibrin (the make up of fibroids). Surely, this is a better treatment than the conventional methods which involve even more invasive procedures?

Or at least, it is worth giving this supplement a good testing to see if it works. And besides, nattokinase has no side effects. The only people who need to refrain from taking nattokinase are those who currently take anti-coagulant medications. This is because using both warfarin and nattokinase could make your blood ‘too’ thin, which could cause other problems.

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Having a family history of heart related conditions, I have always been dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. And I am happy to share my discoveries into what it takes to keep your heart and body in top shape. My latest discovery is an enzyme supplement which has many benefits for the blood and circulatory system. You can read about it here on my new website Follow Andy on Google+, and read more about enzymes on his Google+ Page.

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  1. joebest

    July 22, 2013 at 10:33 am

    This is quite interesting, and more interesting since it is a blood thinner! Compared to other blood thinners, like the warfarin, I wonder how this comes out in such comparison. By this, I mean that warfarin is not something one plays around with since it has a narrow margin of safety; does such apply to nattokinase?

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