What Are the Best Ways to Diet Successfully?

Dieting is big business! Big corporations, making big profits out of big people. Since the turn of the 19th century, how we view ourselves has changed and the acceptance of being overweight or indeed obese has waned. The Victorians were not concerned and indeed to be large was seen to have been successful, fully fed and almost a status symbol for the wealth.

For the last hundred years or so the need to look slimmer has been driven by fashion conscious media editors and marketers. This has spawned many different dieting fads from near starvation, dangerous supplements, excessive exercise and commercial remedies. Thankfully with the advancement in medical technology a lot of these more extreme dieting plans have long gone. Certainly for the last fifty years or so, successful dieting has become more scientific, leading to healthier and more sustainable results.

So what are now considered the best ways to diet? There are two main principles to consider, firstly what and how much we eat and secondly the correct amount of exercise and making considered lifestyle choices.


Our diet is therefore fundamental . Excessive weight is too often caused by poor diet alone. The quantity, quality and variety of our diet are equally as important. A few simple tips to diet successfully are eating smaller quantities, have meals or snacks more often and avoiding high fat and sugary foods.

A high protein diet for instance will produce very little fat tissue and preserves muscle mass. Controlling your diet needs careful planning and often should be assisted by supplements. These need not be expensive, you can save money on supplements at Boots for example. Dietary supplements, fresh vegetables and lean meat in moderation can provide an excellent bedrock for a successful diet.

Exercise and lifestyle choices are also extremely important factors. The basics such as not smoking and reducing alcohol intake you will not only make you feel physically better but will also save you a considerable sum of money. Maybe this extra money could be used gym membership or regular trips to the swimming pool. If the gym is not your preference then conscious exercise such as walking when possible rather than taking the car or a lift. Regular exercise, even if one on a very modest scale, will usually increase your metabolism and keep your body more toned.

To diet successfully you must make clear life choices and have the determination to keep to your plans. Occasionally treats and rewards as you persevere are recommended, however should be kept to the minimum as your true reward is feeling and looking slimmer and healthier. In addition you may lose the pounds as you check out the scales, however you will undoubtedly increase the pounds in your wallet through careful and sustained changes in your lifestyle.

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