What Are the Long Term Effects of Bad Posture?

As a youth, you were probably scolded by authority figures to sit up and/or stand up straight as you slunk around or slouched comfortably in your chair. Although it may have annoyed you to hear those words then, you were wise to listen, even if your parents and teachers weren’t completely sure of all of the long-term effects of bad posture. Many have been surprised about how their seemingly normal habits have turned into real problems requiring chiropractic services and even surgery to relieve them of nearly unbearable discomfort and bodily issues.

Bad posture creates a bad habit; it may seem uncomfortable for some to sit or stand straight, when it should actually be uncomfortable to arch your spine unnaturally. Over time, with the help of gravity, your spine may become suspect to osteoporosis, which is the degeneration of bone mass in an older individual, and scoliosis, where your bones find it now nearly impossible to straighten without intensive chiropractic treatments and medicines.

It might also be surprising to learn that bad posture can even affect your blood pressure, breathing and digestive systems as well. Bad posture can begin to put pressure on your body’s organs, making surgery necessary for an unfortunate individual. Essentially, good posture is very important because bad posture virtually causes your entire body to malfunction.

If you notice yourself carrying your body in an unnatural position (head held forward, shoulders drawing up towards your head, back bent, etc.) and you experience pain in attempting to remedy your posture, or experience general chronic neck and back pain, now is the time to seek consultation regarding chiropractic services to stop any long-term effects immediately in their tracks.

It might seem like its easy to correct, but habits that have been formed since childhood are hard to break. Make a conscious effort to check yourself for good posture when sitting at your desk or on your couch at home.

Or, to put it another way, hows your posture right now???

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Michael D. Berry, D.C. is one of the leading Chiropractors in Orange CA, researching and lecturing on the subjects of health, nutrition and fitness for the last 35 years. Practicing at his Katella Chiropractic and Laser Center and as a trusted Chiropractor in Orange CA, he is committed to helping his patients live healthier and happier lives.

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