What’s the Hardest Aspect of Working Out at a Fitness Center?

Perhaps the hardest element of any keep fit program undertaken by anyone at a gym or fitness center is walking through the door. You know you have to do it; making time to attend at least three times a week to make an exercise program worthwhile is easier said than done. Trouble is that real life kicks in all too often; work, taking the kids to clubs or meeting up with friends is an easy excuse not to do a gym session.

If that is the case, what is the point of membership?

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Through the door

Okay, you’ve managed to walk through the door as a result of making time to attend your local health and fitness club. The biggest hurdle has now been crossed. Now you’re ready to take on the weights, do some running on the treadmill or complete a stage of the Tour de France on one of the exercise bikes in the fitness suite.

What are your goals?

But wait a minute. What are your goals? Why are you attending the gym? There are many reasons why fitness and exercise is undertaken, some of which are mentioned below:

  • You want to lose weight because you have a beach vacation looming
  • You want to look good in a bikini (girls) or trunks (guys)
  • You’re worried about your overall fitness levels
  • You may be recovering from an illness or injury
  •  You want to tone up and/or build muscle volume?

Whatever your goals are and the reason you have decided to work out, you need to commit to the correct form of exercise regime in order to achieve those goals.

Hard work achieves results

Now, take a look round at the people using the gym and fitness center. How many of the women have their full makeup on? Chances are a lot of them. If they’re wearing makeup and not breaking a sweat on the treadmill for instance, they’re not really exercising. How many of the guys at the weights are standing around chatting to their pals between reps? Probably a fair few of them if you take a good look round. The only way to achieve results and achieve the goals you have set out is by way of hard work in the gym, fitness center, in the pool or lifting weights.

What is best for you?

But how do you know what exercise regime you need to commit to in order to best achieve your goals, and sustain your goals long in to the future. Typically at clubs such as the gym Pelham Manor (http://www.kineticsportsclub.com/) you’ll be able to draw on the knowledge of a personal trainer. Often you will be able to undertake one to one at the start to ensure you’re doing everything right in order to achieve your goals, with consistent revision of your goals and exercise regime at regular, pre-determined intervals.

But the hardest part is walking through the door. It takes time to achieve results in a gym and maintain them. However, if you don’t take the time to walk through the door you’re never going to achieve anything at all.

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