What Is the Relationship between Cancer and Vitamins?

For past few decades, scientists have managed to reach to a conclusion that vitamins C and D are very important for general well-being of us human beings.

In recent research, it has been shown that vitamins C and D can help protect against some serious types of cancer, and may even be able to provide treatment for cancerous tissues. Cancer is a deadly disease and it affects the whole body by attacking various essential organs such as lungs, brain, breast, skin, and all other tissues. In this article, you will learn some of the common benefits of using these vitamins and review the relationship between cancer and vitamins.

First of all, let’s shed some light upon the effects of using vitamin C for the treatment of cancer. Patients undergoing chemotherapy can make use of these vitamins, especially in their second or third round of chemotherapy. The combination of minerals and vitamin C is said to have profound effect over the cancer disease. One of the most important reasons of this combination being successful in treatment of cancer disease is that the prior rounds of chemotherapy lower the immunological systems of the patient. Taking the vitamin C and other minerals is said to help the patient to improve the weakened immune system.

A few early trials have shown that vitamin C killed 50 percent of cancer cells when used intravenously. This form of vitamin C works by increasing the hydrogen peroxide production in the human blood. This acts as a poison for most cancerous cells, leaving healthy and non-cancerous cells unaffected. Taking vitamin C in tablet form is not as effective as when used in intravenous form. To build up the desired level of hydrogen peroxide in the blood, it has to be taken intravenously. However, it is important to know that these results are still in progress, nothing concrete can be established as yet. In following paragraphs, you will be told further about the correlation of cancer and vitamins.

Vitamin D is considered an important tool against the deadly disease of cancer. These vitamins are produced naturally by the body upon sunlight exposure of a human being. Its deficiency can be diminished by using supplementary products and other types of foods. It is imperative to use such foods and resources that could increase the amount of vitamin D in the body, because mere exposure to sunlight cannot produce adequate amount of vitamin D. The most common foods that contain higher amount of vitamin D are eggs, oil, fish, liver, etc.

In some of the tests being conducted on the relationship of vitamin D and cancer, the results had shown that sufficient consumption of vitamin D lowered the risks of colorectal cancer development. Further research have revealed that people who live in places that are exposed to hot sun rays most of the time, have lower chances of developing colorectal cancer. By looking at these facts and details, it can be said that vitamins are helpful for protection against cancer disease. However, be aware that more research is needed before we can make a definitive statement.

Rastislav Skultety

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