What to Do and Expect Before and After Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

I used to think once that I will never be devoid of my youth plus the fact that our family genes boasts of good skin. I was wrong for that matter, yes I have wrinkles much later than my counterparts but I have them nevertheless as opposite to the thing I predicted.

That’s when I decided to consider some anti wrinkle treatments that were so popular in the market. Though I never brought myself to undergo the procedure due to my schedule constraints, I still made some research and learned a lot. You can consider me an anti wrinkle treatment expert now. Just kidding.

So for serious note, there can be two kinds of the best wrinkle treatment to choose from. It’s either you choose for the soft tissue filler injectables or opt for a neurotoxin based injectables (Botox). Neurotoxin based injectibles can erase muscle contractions thus reducing wrinkles and visible lines. You will just need it every six months or as required. Each injection should be approved by TGA. On the other hand, soft tissue filler injectibles can restore the volume of your skin through soft tissue fillers by plumping them up again.

Botox Review - Before and After

The decision can be up to you or you can choose to ask your doctor. So let’s say you already set the date for it, what should you do or expect before and after the treatment? See the answers below.

Before the Botox Treatment

Know everything that you can for the procedure. Though this won’t be quite as big as liposuction or rhinoplasty, still anti wrinkle treatments can pose some risks. Know the things you should do and not do. Follow a healthier lifestyle before the procedure and don’t party the night before. Choose beforehand the surgeon that you will be comfortable with or the surgeon that you think will be the best for you. Know his experience and past surgeries performed.

After the Treatment

Make sure that you avoid things that are indicated in your doctor’s notes. Now that you have that younger skin, you can take care of it without hate. There will be little recovery time as compared to some cosmetic procedures. But then expect a little irritation that can be common side effects. Apply cold compress to relieve irritation. Most of your procedure induced swelling will be reduced after days. But if there is severe pain and other allergic reactions, better contact your doctor immediately.

Other things to consider for the treatments are your money, whether you can afford Botox or not, your time, can you fit it in your schedule, and whether you’re healthy enough to undergo it.

I was quite adamant with the idea of my wrinkle treatment and I hope I can push it through within next month. For you out there who have the same dilemma, you can consult your doctor too. In the end there is no better sounding comment than a quip from friends that says we look years younger. The power of the anti-wrinkle treatments, we have it at our hands.

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One thought on “What to Do and Expect Before and After Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

  • March 7, 2013 at 10:09 am

    This is very good advice for patients, and not only for Botox. I have had to refuse to perform surgeries because patients did not follow pre-op instructions. Smoking, for example, before surgery presents serious dangers. I cannot urge patients strongly enough to follow both pre and post-op instructions! Thanks for writing this!

    Dr Rhys Branman
    Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center


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