What to Expect from the Stone Age Diet

Thousands of years ago, in the period known to us as the Paleolithic age, when agriculture had not yet come to existence, people fed their appetite with most of the raw foods available to them in those days. As of today, I was surprised to learn about a similar high-fiber diet known as the Stone Age diet. Though I am not completely confident about what their diet consisted of, the staples like internal organs and bone marrow of wild meat along with the naturally occurring materials are some of the most expected food items to had been included in the cavemen’s meals.

However, what I see today is that the people have replaced all the above substances with high fructose corn syrup, refined sugar, bread, potatoes, cereal and pasteurized milk products. Our ancestors also kept themselves away from the food products that demanded sophisticated processing. Nevertheless, the above mentioned diet is defined to be highly beneficial to the body and I personally recommend such a diet for the wellbeing of our health. In order to follow such a Stone Age diet, there are some of basic rules to be adhered to.

The Stone Age diet (Stenalderkost is the term in Danish) has also affected my concern since I realized such a regimen could keep my body away from obesity, diabetes, heart disease or cancer. As per my dietician, I must follow a health program that encompasses protein present in eggs, fish and meat, along with essential fat and vegetable fiber. I have also cut down the consumption of calories from wheat, dairy products and sugar. This has been the major cause of syndromes like cancer, obesity, heart disease, diabetes and degenerative disorders in recent times. Though the human race has reached the pinnacle of human development, the food manufacturing processes have led to quite dire consequences.


What the professionals have to say:

As per the experts, the Stone Age diet regime if followed properly can help us normalize our body system and make us healthier. Since the Caveman diet or the Paleo diet can be of assistance in the weight loss program, I have already adopted this program. The diet tries to address some of the leading issues in the human body. Plus, I also get the provision of setting a limitation on the excess of carbohydrate intake. Such a diet plan is also expected to help people out in the prevention of food allergy that can result in irritable bowel, mood swings, asthma, headache, allergic muscles, arthritis, and fatigue.

The reason why such a diet plan has been on the rise is because such Prehistoric diet ingredients can prevent the unwanted chemicals from entering the body to cause deceleration in the metabolism. I have also learnt that the intake of the western diet can bring about poor digestion or the gut dysbiosis which leads to mal-absorption of essential micronutrients and macronutrients.

Getting prepared for the Stone Age diet:

So, wondering what your diet chart would look like? Well, with the Stone Age diet, I pursued a schedule that included all kinds of meat, fish, eggs and green vegetables. I also chose for the cold pressed nut and seed oils for cooking along with the spices and herbs. I started better preferring the foods that contain low amounts of carbohydrates including dark chocolates, seeds, berries, oats and oatcakes, nuts and pulses.

Herbal tea would also be recommended in the early mornings. Some of the most common or expected drawbacks of the diet that I dealt with included hypoglycemia, the caffeine withdrawal resulting in headache as well as the food allergy withdrawal which may lead to a ‘flu like’ experience. However, I haven’t regretted adopting such an evolutionarily correct diet to get rid of all the toxins from my body a single bit.

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